AIA Public Takaful Launches A-Life Legasi, A New Family Takaful Plan

AIA Public Takaful has introduced its latest family takaful plan, A-Life Legasi. A-Life Legasi offers up to 600% of the total sum covered in the form of hibah and is a fully shariah-compliant takaful plan. It also provides a charitable avenue through the inclusion of the A-Plus Infaq rider.

The A-Life Legasi plan offers high protection with a minimum coverage of RM350,000. The plan covers twice the sum covered if you pass away due to an accident or while performing hajj or umrah, three times the amount if the accident occurs in a public conveyance, and six times the amount if you pass away due to a natural disaster.

One distinctive feature of the A-Life Legasi plan is its latest and first-in-market A-Plus Infaq rider, which offers you a way to give back to the community. The additional rider sum covered will be paid to a charitable organisation of your choice if you pass away or suffer from total and permanent disability.

Elmie Aman Najas, CEO of AIA Public Takaful, said that A-Life Legasi was born out of AIA’s market understanding – particularly amongst Muslim families. The conceptualisation behind A-Life Legasi is that wealth is not only about leaving behind adequate savings for family members, but also contributing and continuing to do good even after life.

“Hence this year, we are broadening our takaful benefits to not just help our customers address their evolving financial and protection needs but also enable them to give back to those in need,” explained Elmie. “This is what it means by building and leaving your legacy.”

Furthermore, the A-Life Legasi plan also rewards good financial behaviour through its Akaun Legasi feature. Every two years, you will get a percentage of your total annual contribution credited into your Akaun Legasi fund as long as you pay your contributions on time. If you celebrate a milestone like marriage or graduation, up to 50% of your accumulated Akaun Legasi will be payable to you.

The A-Life Legasi plan is available to those aged between 14 days and 70 years old, with a coverage period of up to 70 and 80 years of age. You can find out more about A-Life Legasi on the AIA website.

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