MySalam Registration For Non-BSH (M40) Malaysians Ends Today
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For non-BSH Malaysians with an annual income of less than RM100,000, the registration for MySalam will end today. If you are eligible and haven’t done so already, it’s best to register by the end of the day.

The MySalam Takaful programme was originally known as the B40 Health Protection Fund, which was announced at Budget 2019 as a way to assist B40 Malaysians in their time of need. It offered a payout of RM8,000 upon a diagnosis of any of the 36 critical illnesses covered, and a hospitalisation allowance of RM50 per day (capped at 14 days) for those who are warded in government hospitals.

MySalam was enhanced in Budget 2020, expanding the critical illness coverage from 36 to 45, covering polio and terminal illnesses. In addition, the Government also expanded the eligibility of MySalam to Malaysians with a gross annual income of RM100,000 and below, covering the M40 group. However, this group will receive a critical illness payout of RM4,000 instead of RM8,000; the RM50 daily hospitalisation benefit doesn’t change.

This coverage applies to all eligible Malaysians, which is a huge deal for those who do not have medical insurance. On top of that, note also that MySalam will honour hospitalisation benefits for those who are diagnosed with COVID-19.

Eligible M40 Malaysians can register for MySalam here. B40 Malaysians who receive Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) do not need to register, as they are automatically enrolled via the BSH database.

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2 years ago

the website is not working

2 years ago

how to apply

Daneswaran Alagendran
2 years ago

I need money…how to apply this

2 years ago

I wish to register for mysalam scheme. I missed the deadline. Do i still have a chance?

Pang Tun Yau
2 years ago
Reply to  Chandrathevy

Unfortunately not I’m afraid 🙁

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