UOB Asset Management Launches Malaysia’s First Corporate Robo-Advisory Service, UOBAM Invest

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UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) Malaysia has rolled out its UOBAM Invest, Malaysia’s first corporate robo-advisory service that provides customised investment portfolios online. It capitalises on UOBAM’s investment expertise to help companies optimise their investment strategies and meet their investment goals, especially during periods of heightened volatility.

The UOBAM Invest service enables investments via two features: Digital Advisor and Fund Direct.

The Digital Advisor is essentially a portfolio planner that can generate customised portfolio proposals for clients after they complete a questionnaire to determine their investment profiles, goals, and risk appetite. The proposals, which range between very conservative to very aggressive, can be generated within minutes using a proprietary screening methodology and asset allocation framework.

The Digital Advisor portfolio planner also features an optimisation algorithm that projects the likelihood of success for the proposed portfolios. Based on these forecasts, investors can then decide if they need to adjust their portfolios. Once they have confirmed their decisions, UOBAM Malaysia will monitor the investments on their behalf. However, investors are required to make a minimum investment of RM500,000 if they want to use the Digital Advisor portfolio planner.

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The Fund Direct feature, on the other hand, is meant for investors who prefer to build and manage their own portfolios independently. They will be able to purchase and sell from a list of UOBAM’s unit trusts, giving them the liberty to strategise and invest as per their preferences. Those opting for this feature will have to meet the minimum investment requirements of the respective funds instead.

“Through its secure, online portal, UOBAM Invest provides corporate investors with historical data and insights, professional investment guidance and round-the-clock access to our portfolio solutions, enabling them to monitor and to manage their investments in real time,” said the chief executive officer of UOBAM Malaysia, Lim Suet Ling. She added that this will give their investors greater flexibility and control over their investments, as well as ease and convenience as they can manage their funds digitally from the safety of their own homes amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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UOBAM Invest was first launched in Singapore in 2018, and is also available in Thailand for retail investors. The platform is waiving its advisory fees and platform charges for its clients from now until 31 December 2020.

To find out more, you can head on over to the UOBAM Invest website.

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