Wahed Launches Savings Booster Programme With Goal-Based Investment Plans
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Digital Islamic investment manager Wahed Technologies has launched its new Savings Booster Programme, which allows Malaysians to save and invest through shariah-compliant portfolios, as well as reap attractive incentives from a curated list of partners. It aims to encourage the public to take better control of their savings and investments in a bid to achieve a more secure financial future.

The Savings Booster Programme is a goal-based incentive programme that rewards investors as they put their money into diversified portfolios. Aside from helping you to save up for a specific goal, you will also earn additional perks when you set and successfully achieve specific financial milestones.

To qualify for the Savings Booster Programme, you must first have an investment account with Wahed Invest. If you do, go ahead and browse through the investment and savings plans that are listed in the programme’s landing page, and then sign up for a goal that you’d like to invest in. The plans are offered in collaboration with various partners, including Tripfez Travel Sdn Bhd, Zenyum, and Artius.

From there, go on and save up to reach the target of your plan within the specified period. Once you hit the target, you will then qualify for the service that you’re aiming for, as well as be entitled to some bonus benefits. Here are some goal-based plans that you can currently sign up for via the Savings Booster Programme and the rewards or perks that you can earn:

Brand partnersInvestment goalInvestment targetPeriodExtra perks and benefits
Tripfez Travel Sdn BhdUmrahRM10,000Minimum 6 monthsRM400 discount on early umrah bookings (subject to reopening of borders)
ZenyumInvisible bracesRM5,0003 to 6 monthsUp to RM600 discount on aligners and retainers
ArtiusOrthodontics treatmentRM7,0006 to 12 months10% discount on dental treatments

If you do not reach the funding target in time, you will not be eligible to claim the perks and benefits that you’ve signed up for. Consequently, you must re-register for the plan and continue saving towards your goal.

According to the country executive director of Wahed Invest, Mohd Izzat Fadhli Azman, these benefits are tailored to the young adults and millennials of today who aspire to have a better quality of life and health.

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“To help them achieve these life goals whilst navigating the increasing cost of living would mean that they often need a better option to save and manage their finances. As the country’s first Islamic digital investment manager, we set out to provide Malaysians with a reliable and transparent investment product that is not only efficient and accessible but also shariah-compliant at its core,” said Izzat.

Izzat further shared that Wahed will strive to bring more value-added benefits to the Savings Booster Programme. “We are also open to any company who would be interested to be a partner in this programme to incentivise Malaysians in goal-based investing,” he said.

The current health-focused partners on the Savings Booster Programme were brought onboard via a collaboration with ACCESS Health International.

(Source: Wahed)

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