AXA Affin Offers Covid-19 Hospital Assistance To Medical Insurance Policyholders

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AXA Affin is extending a complimentary 2019-nCoV Hospital Assistance Programme to its medical insurance policyholders. The programme offers an additional Hospitalisation Waiver Assistance benefit to all AXA Affin medical policyholders, and three additional benefits to medical policyholders who purchase a Hospitalisation Income Benefit Rider (HIB) during the application period of 1 February – 31 March 2020.

The cover period for this programme is from 1 February to 30 June 2020. Those who have purchased the HIB rider during the application period can benefit from these three features:

  • Urgent Self-Assistance. One-time cash payment upfront of up to 14 days of hospitalisation income benefit (income protection if insured is unable to work due to unexpected hospitalisation).
  • Family Assistance. One-time cash assistance of RM3,000 to the immediate family member of the insured who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Should the insured be isolated for Covid-19 while travelling to Hubei, Zhejiang, or Jiangsu during the cover period, a maximum lump sum of RM10,000 will be paid.
  • Hospitalisation Waiver Assistance. Includes policy waivers for ICU Daily Limits, Consultation and Treatment Costs, Unlimited Doctor Consultation Day Visits, and Unlimited Ambulance Transfer Assistance.

Meanwhile, those who are holding a medical policy without a HIB rider or have purchased the HIB rider before 1 February are entitled to just the Hospitalisation Waiver Assistance.

The 2019-nCoV Hospital Assistance Programme applies only to the diagnosis and isolation or hospitalisation of a Covid-19 patient in a hospital or isolation centre designated by the Ministry of Health. To find out more, you can read up about the coverage here.

Other insurance providers have devised similar variations of additional protection for cases of Covid-19. Prudential is offering a lump-sum payout of RM5,000 to Prudential policyholders who are diagnosed with Covid-19, whereas AIA is offering a hospitalisation benefit and additional RM10,000 death benefit to its life and personal accident insurance customers.

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