Lazada Matches Donations To Supporting NGOs For Covid-19 Campaign, LazadaForGood

In a new partnership with UNICEF, Lazada is opening a new donation channel on the e-commerce platform to allow Malaysians to donate directly to efforts combating the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

As an added bonus to encourage Malaysians to contribute through its new Covid-19 donation campaign, Lazada is matching donations from 1-4 April 2020. During this period, Lazada will match the total donation amount made through LazadaForGood in equivalent ringgit-to-ringgit value up to a maximum of USD100,000, which is approximately RM431,000.

LazadaForGood is a collaboration with NGO partners in Malaysia, aimed at raising funds to target specific causes during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. These causes include supporting vulnerable populations, frontliners, and mental health amidst the current pandemic situation in the country.

At present, there are three participating NGO partners under LazadaForGood: MERCY Malaysia, the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, and UNICEF. According to the e-commerce site, LazadaForGood has started small on 1 April but hopes to expand with support from its customers. Official NGO partners under LazadaForGood will be updated on the main campaign page, and the donation pages for all recognised partners will bear the official LazMall tag.

To donate through LazadaForGood, you can look through the options offered under the campaign and select the donation of your choice. The donation options come with a set donation value and also indicate how the funds will be used; for example, you can donate RM100 to UNICEF to provide surgical masks for frontliners or donate RM1,000 to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society to help feed four families for a month.

Once you’ve selected the donation and clicked on “Buy Now”, the rest of the process is similar to a normal purchase on Lazada. You will receive a tax receipt in your email within 10 calendar days after your donation is made, which can be kept for tax deduction purposes.

You can find out more about LazadaForGood on its main page and also in the FAQ here.

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