Shopee Revises Ability To Stack Free Shipping Vouchers With Platform Vouchers
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Shopee Malaysia has removed the ability for users to stack free shipping vouchers with platform vouchers in a single order. This restriction came into effect without notice starting yesterday (8 July), catching many shoppers by surprise.

This is further compounded by the fact that Shopee had also silently lowered the subsidy values for its Free Shipping Vouchers just a few weeks ago to a maximum of RM3 (RM8 for East Malaysia) for up to three merchants per order. Given that the minimum shipping fee for standard delivery in Peninsula Malaysia is RM4.90, users would now have to pay at least RM1.90 for every order on Shopee (and thus not really being “free shipping”).

However, since yesterday (8 July), Shopee users were no longer able to stack free shipping vouchers with any platform voucher (such as coins cashback vouchers or bank vouchers). Instead, users can now only apply a maximum of one store voucher with one free shipping OR platform voucher. Initially seen as a possible bug due to the ongoing 7.7 Mid Year Sale, this was confirmed by responses by Shopee’s customer service as well as on its social media pages:

“Hi, thank you for your feedback. The voucher stacking issue you’re currently facing is not a system error. From 8 July, Shopee users will be able to apply up to 2 vouchers per checkout:

At least 1 Shop Voucher; and 1 Shopee Platform Voucher (Shipping, Discount, or Coins Cashback). Apart from these, you may also make use of earned Shopee Coins for additional discounts. Fret not, we will continue to find new ways to help users save more on Shopee. Should you have any other concerns, you may also check this help center link to learn more about vouchers.”

It is surprising to note that Shopee has not made any official announcements regarding this matter, as it greatly changes the Shopee shopping experience. The ability to stack free shipping across different merchants in a single order, combined with platform vouchers, allowed for considerable savings and made Shopee a firm favourite for online shoppers.

This overnight change is already seeing many angry users venting their frustrations on Shopee’s social platforms. It is possibly made worse because of the timing – Shopee was still running an “after party” sale on 8 July, while Lazada’s own 7.7 sale is still running until 9 July where, it must be said, Lazada is still allowing users to stack up to four vouchers in a single order, including free shipping, platform, Lazada Bonus, and store vouchers. Coincidentally (or not), it is also offering a lot more free shipping vouchers with varying values (RM4.30, RM5, RM8, and even RM10) during this sale.

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1 month ago

Why fret? Just boycott Shopee and jump ship to LAZ will do, end of story!

27 days ago

Thanks, now I know why can only chose one voucher, either this or that. Looks like have to switch to Lazada, see if can find alternatively cheaper buys there….

23 days ago

Sad that Shopee didn’t even bother to inform buyers about the change. On my way to Lazada…bye Shopee.

22 days ago

Bye bye shopee

19 days ago

Oh Shopee what a stupid move. You gonna lose me as a customer who spend min 20-30k per year buying stuff online.

13 days ago
Reply to  33zero

20-30k and you think that’s a big deal? You’re nowhere close to being a big spender on Shopee LOL

14 days ago

Just got caught unaware after topping up Rm360 to checkout! Googled it and found this article. How insincere of Shopee -treating customers as if we are dumb. Aside from that, what i noticed is a considerable rise in the number of dubious sellers. That was the very reason i left Laz last time for Shopee. Poor decision, Shopee -that’s all i can say. Disappointing.

Abang Pilot
13 days ago

I thought it was a bug, but sadly it was a silent move by shopee, i had start to buy items on Lazada since it offer free shipping with cashback that shopee already removed.

6 days ago

Bye shopee..Hello Lazada

5 days ago

Thanks for the confirmation. Very poor customer service and very poor business strategy in the face of fierce competition from Lazada. BYE Shopee. I used to be your cheerleader

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