Bursa Malaysia Halts Trading Activities Due To Technical Issue

Trading of securities at Bursa Malaysia ended abruptly today at 3.30pm as the local bourse encountered a “technical issue”.

While lag and unresponsive incidents do occur in market trading, it is usually due to heavy volumes within specific trading platforms by investment banks. Today’s incident appears to stem from Bursa itself, a rare occurrence that prompted the trading platforms issuing similar notices from Bursa Malaysia.

In a brief statement, the local bourse regulator said:

“Trading on Bursa Malaysia Securities was halted at 3.30pm today, caused by a technical issue. We are currently diagnosing the problem and will communicate with all our participants while we determine the cause and impact.”

The unexpected technical issue arose just as shares of Top Glove, the world’s largest makers of latex gloves, was due to resume trading at 3.30pm after a one-hour suspension of trade at 2.30pm.

Update: Bursa Malaysia has announced that trading will resume as usual at 9am tomorrow. The issue that caused today’s unexpected halt to trading is still being investigated.

(Source: Bursa Malaysia)

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