TNB To Expand Installation Of Smart Meters Across Malaysia

(Image: The Malaysian Reserve)
(Image: The Malaysian Reserve)

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has plans to expand the installation of smart meters nationwide, with a target of 9 million units to be supplied across the country by 2021. The utility company aims to install 1.2 million units in the Klang Valley after having successfully fitted 340,000 units in Melaka.

According to chief retail officer Megat Jalaluddin Megat Hassan, the smart meter has the technology to help consumers control electricity consumption effectively.

“One of the advantages of the smart meter is that customers can track their electricity consumption trends and with this information, they can control their consumption trends,” he said. “During the MCO period, users who had installed the smart meter were not affected by the estimate bill, instead they received the actual bill.”

Megat Jalaluddin also highlighted that the actual bill could be accessed directly through email as well as on the MyTNB app and website. He added that through the MyTNB app, bill payments are easier, more accurate, and transparent, with users being able to control and monitor electricity usage while getting educated on energy savings.

The utility company began installing smart meters under a pilot project in Melaka and Putrajaya from 2014 until 2016. Smart meters are also being used in other countries, with 700 million smart meters installed worldwide including in Europe and the United States.

(Source: Malay Mail)

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