World’s first ‘test tube’ burger eaten in London costs £215,000 to make

Thinking up different kinds of sources being the food of the future? One of them could be a lab-grown burger but it would have to be way more affordable than the current tag.


Science has seemingly
given a reason for both vegans and meat lovers to rejoice. Scientists have
managed to turn cells they took from a cow into strips of muscle, combining
them to make a patty. The process uses 45% less energy, 96% lesser greenhouse emissions and 99% less space and could turn around the way meat production impacts the environment.

Sadly, our pockets need several thousand per cent more money to buy the beef. The research was rumoured to be funded by the co-founder of Google and cost £215,000 (RM1,076,080). That’s one expensive burger!

The world’s first fully
lab-grown burger
was cooked and eaten by two food critics at a news
conference in London. The texture of it, according to the food
critics, is surprisingly close to that of a normal burger patty. However, the
taste and flavor is somewhat different.

“The mouthfeel is
like meat. I miss the fat, there’s leanness to it, but the general bite feels
like a hamburger. What was consistently different was flavor”, said Mr
Schonwald, a food writer.

There were talks about
insects being the food of the future, now there are burger patties being grown in the
lab. What will be thought of next?

*Picture courtesy by Grant Cochrane at


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