Guaranteed Apple AirPods, RM600 Cash via DuitNow, RM600 Lazada e-Vouchers, RM280 Firefly e-Vouchers & More
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November is upon us and we here at RinggitPlus are giving you guaranteed gifts with selected credit cards!

For those who are new, the Unbox This Week Campaign is a weekly campaign where we present the best deals from our featured bank partners. All you have to do is apply for selected credit cards from these banks through RinggitPlus and you’ll receive exclusively selected gifts!

For this week (1 – 8 November), our featured bank partners include Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, CIMB, and Alliance Bank – if you have considered applying for any of these banks, check out our latest deal below! 

Citibank: Guaranteed Apple AirPods 

Get the Apple AirPods when you apply, get approved, and spend with a Citibank credit card. Take it with you on your daily morning walks or plug them in during work, the Apple AirPods can fit seamlessly into your day with its minimalistic design and rich high-quality sound. 

To be eligible, remember to activate and spend a minimum of 8 retail transactions on your new card within 60 days upon approval. Once the bank has confirmed your eligibility, you’ll receive instructions from us via email on how you can claim your gift.

Please take note that current card members and individuals who have cancelled their Citibank credit cards within a year prior to this campaign do not qualify for this promotion. Otherwise, those who wish to apply for their new Citibank credit cards can head on over here to do so.

HSBC: Guaranteed RM600 Cash via DuitNow

Spend, save, or invest the guaranteed RM600 Cash via DuitNow when you apply, get approved, and spend with your new HSBC credit card.

Upon approval, activate your new card and spend a minimum of RM1,000 within 60 days to take home your prize. 

Just remember that current cardholders and applicants who were denied or have cancelled their HSBC credit cards within 6 months prior to this campaign are not eligible to take part in this campaign. Otherwise, you can apply for your HSBC credit card here.

Standard Chartered Bank: Guaranteed RM600 Lazada e-Voucher

The famous double-date sale is coming up this month and this guaranteed gift is perfect for you to save on your Lazada cart! Just apply, get approved and spend with a Standard Chartered credit card to get the guaranteed RM600 Lazada e-Voucher. 

Applicants are still required to activate their card within 30 days upon approval to be eligible for this prize. 

Lastly, be aware that existing cardholders and individuals who have held a Standard Chartered credit card in the past 6 months are not eligible for this campaign in the past six months. If you qualify, then you can apply for your new Standard Chartered credit card here.

CIMB: Guaranteed RM280 Firefly e-Voucher

Whether you’re heading to a holiday destination or looking to visit your loved ones back at your home state, save on flights with a guaranteed RM280 Firefly e-Voucher when you apply, activate, and swipe any transaction amount with a new CIMB e credit card.

Please take note that existing cardholders of any CIMB credit card and individuals who have held or cancelled a CIMB e credit card in the past 6 months are not eligible for this campaign. Otherwise, you can apply for a CIMB e credit card here. 

Alliance Bank: Riino EVolution V8 Super Cyclone Vacuum

With its Super Cyclone Technology that consumes less electricity yet more suction, the Riino EVolution V8 Corded Vacuum (585F) is suitable for all surfaces and particles for a cleaner home. Get this guaranteed home appliance when you apply, get approved, and activate your new Alliance credit card. 

Upon approval, you just have to activate to meet the requirements of the campaign and be eligible to get the prize. 

Existing cardholders of any Alliance Bank credit card and individuals who have held or cancelled an Alliance Bank credit card in the past six months are not eligible for this campaign. Apply for an Alliance Bank Credit Card here.


Finally, just as a reminder, be sure to start your application with our WhatsApp chatbot so that your eligibility is guaranteed, and so that we can always be at hand to help you if you need us. 

While this week’s flash deal ends on 8 November (1 pm), you can also follow us on our Facebook page to receive the latest Unbox This Week offers as we refresh the deals every week.

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