How To Claim Your Free Sign-Up Gift From RinggitPlus
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Congratulations! You’ve successfully signed up for a credit card through RinggitPlus and are now eligible for a free gift from us. We just need a few things from you to verify that your card has been approved and activated, so here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Take a picture of your credit card

How To Claim Your Free Sign-Up Gift From RinggitPlus

When your shiny new credit card arrives, snap a picture of the card’s front face so that we can see your name, card expiry date, and the last 4 digits.

For the sake of privacy, make sure to cover up any sensitive information like your credit card number besides the last 4 digits. You can use a basic photo editor on your phone to do this. We also don’t require any information on the back of your credit card, so you don’t need to take a picture of that – just the front of the card will do!

Step 2: Show us your card activation message

Once you’ve activated your credit card, the bank will send you an SMS or an email notifying you that your activation has been successful. Take a screenshot of this message as proof of your activation.

Step 3: Proof of transaction history

For some credit cards, you need to fulfill a certain number of transactions using your new card before you can qualify for your free sign-up gift. Refer to the terms and conditions – if your sign-up gift comes with this requirement, then you will need to send us proof of your transaction history with your new card. A screenshot of your online transaction history or a copy of your credit card statement would be sufficient for this purpose.

Step 4: Send It Over

All you need to do now is email the necessary documents to [email protected]. The subject title of your email should be “Gift Help – <Your Full Name>”. In the near future, you’ll have the option of sending us the required images on WhatsApp instead of email.

Once you’ve sent your email with the required proof attached, we will provide you with a verification code and a few simple instructions to claim your gift. Very soon, your RinggitPlus sign-up gift will be on its way to you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get into contact with us at +60-3-7890 0808.

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