RinggitPlus Announces Partnerships With FSMOne & Fi Life To Offer Exclusive Benefits For The RinggitPlus Community
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RinggitPlus has announced strategic partnerships with two digital financial providers, FSMOne and Fi Life, as the fintech company looks to offer exclusive benefits for its customer base.

Through the strategic partnerships, everyone in the RinggitPlus community, from RinggitPlus Advance and Academy clients, customers who successfully applied for financial products through RinggitPlus, as well as RinggitPlus Blog readers, can enjoy additional benefits when they apply for products from our strategic partners. These may come in the form of additional rebates and exclusive limited-time promotions.

“At RinggitPlus, we don’t just believe in providing access to financial products to all Malaysians, but to provide them at low fees and empower Malaysians with self-serve platforms that encourage exploration and knowledge sharing. We hold tightly to these principles in all our activities, whether it is in our financial planning sessions or in forming partnerships with industry players. With FSMOne and Fi Life, it was an easy decision to collaborate – they share a similar goal with us of providing affordable access to financial products, and are strong financial literacy advocates,” said Hann Liew, co-founder and director of RinggitPlus.


FSMOne is a household name for Malaysian investors, being the largest unit trust marketplace in Malaysia and having been in operation since 2008. It is well known as a one-stop platform offering hundreds of unit trust funds across multiple fund houses, and more importantly, at low fees – sometimes even lower than if you were to invest at the fund houses themselves!

The huge variety of funds available means Malaysians can choose the best funds for their unique risk appetite. For those who don’t have the time, FSMOne also offers its Regular Savings Plan where clients can select unit trusts to be purchased automatically every month for better convenience. More recently, FSMOne also added Bursa Malaysia stock and ETF trading to its platform, further enhancing its reputation as the platform to go for investments.

If all that’s not enough, there’s an extensive database of fund information and articles from FSMOne’s panel of expert analysts covering the economic and investment climate both in Malaysia and globally. If you’re just starting your investment journey, there are articles for you too. Best of all, signing up for an FSMOne account is free – you can find out more about them here.

Fi Life

Meanwhile, Fi Life is an insurtech outfit seeking to make insurance appealing to the younger generation. It is Malaysia’s first online-only insurance platform, which means its life and medical insurance products are directly available to consumers at very competitive rates. Its policies are underwritten by Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd and AXA Affin General Insurance Bhd. The policies can be purchased directly through its minimalist and intuitive website – the life insurance application process takes just 15 minutes and does not require any medical check-ups.

Its learning hub contains informative & easy to digest articles covering not only insurance topics, but personal finance in general. And if you need more help, there’s even a life insurance calculator to provide a better estimate of your insurance needs.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits For All RinggitPlus Readers

To celebrate the partnership with RinggitPlus, both FSMOne and Fi Life are offering exclusive perks for all RinggitPlus Blog readers. FSMOne customers can enjoy a 0% sales charge for nine funds that have been curated by our Certified Financial Planners. This 0% sales charge promo will be available only for one month from 15 June until 15 July 2021, and is only available for new FSMOne customers who register through this link. The nine funds are:

  • KAF Vision Fund
  • PMB Shariah Growth Fund
  • Kenanga Growth Opportunities Fund
  • Principal Greater China Equity Fund (AUD Hedged, MYR, MYR Hedged, RMB Hedged, SGD Hedged, USD)
  • Eastspring Investments Dinasti Equity Fund
  • Affin Hwang Select Asia (Ex Japan) Quantum Fund (AUD, GBP, MYR, SGD, USD)
  • Manulife Investment US Equity Fund
  • Principal Global Titans Fund
  • RHB US Focus Equity Fund

The funds above have been curated by our Certified Financial Planners (CFP) through a robust selection process that includes investment horizon, geographic exposure, Sharpe ratio, top holdings, and historical performance*. They will be sharing more about these funds on the blog soon!

In addition, FSMOne will also be offering 0% subscription fees for all of its Managed Portfolios from 15 June until 15 July 2021! The FSMOne Managed Portfolios are designed for investors who prefer a hands-off approach to investing, where FSMOne’s team of portfolio managers will actively manage, monitor, and rebalance each of the 10 portfolios without any input from the investors.

Meanwhile, Fi Life is offering an exclusive 10% discount off your first-year premium for any life insurance product offered by Fi Life! This perk is available to all RinggitPlus Blog readers, so we hope you enjoy the savings.

Simply enter the promo code “RPLUS10” after choosing your plan to enjoy 10% off the first-year premium. Alternatively, you can also sign up through this link to have the code automatically entered for you to enjoy the discount.

Besides being Malaysia’s leading financial marketplace, RinggitPlus has seen steady growth in its financial planning service, RinggitPlus Advance which was launched earlier this year. The partnerships with FSMOne and Fi Life mark an exciting chapter that provides a win-win-win solution for RinggitPlus, our strategic partners, and the RinggitPlus community.

*Disclaimer: While the funds have been curated by the RinggitPlus CFPs, prospective investors should conduct their own research to determine the suitability of the funds for their individual investments. The list of 9 funds is correct at the time of publication, but may change in the future.

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