Apple Malaysia Reduces Prices Of iPhone 7, iPhone 8, & Apple Watch; Discontinues iPhone X
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Apple Malaysia Reduces Prices Of iPhone 7, iPhone 8, & Apple Watch; Discontinues iPhone X

Shortly after the announcement of the new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR, Apple updated its official website to reveal revised prices for its entire lineup of previous-generation iPhone and Apple Watch models. The discounts are pretty significant, with slashes that go as high as RM615.

The new iPhone Xs is designed to be an iterative update to 2017’s iPhone X, while the iPhone Xs Max is a new model for those who prefer a larger screen – this model looks to be the “Plus” model. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR is the “affordable” iPhone with plenty of colour options and a lower price tag. Collectively, the XR and Xs Max replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as Apple moves ahead with its new design philosophy without the iconic home button.

As always, the previous generation iPhone models all saw an immediate price revision. For Malaysia, this revision saw massive reduction in the official retail prices for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch Series 3. In addition, Apple also discontinued two models: the iPhone X as well as the Apple Watch Series 1.

Here’s the revision in prices, which are effective immediately.

Model New Price Previous Price Reduction
iPhone 7 32GB RM2,199 RM2,593 (0% GST) RM394
iPhone 7 128GB RM2,649 RM3,065 (0% GST) RM416
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB RM2,749 RM3,159 (0% GST) RM410
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB RM3,199 RM3,631 (0% GST) RM432
iPhone 8 64GB RM2,899 RM3,442 (0% GST) RM543
iPhone 8 256GB RM3,599 RM4,150 (0% GST) RM551
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB RM3,299 RM3,914 (0% GST) RM615
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB RM3,999 RM4,612 (0% GST) RM613
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm RM1,229 RM1,461 (0% GST) RM232
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm RM1,379 RM1,602 (0% GST) RM223

The pricing and availability for the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR are not yet revealed for Malaysia, but with prices starting at $749 (iPhone XR – about RM3,100), $999 (iPhone Xs – about RM4,150), and $1,099 (iPhone Xs Max – about RM4,553), they won’t come cheap. Interestingly, the official Apple Store in Lazada is still offering the iPhone X as well as the Apple Watch Series 1, both at reduced prices. The iPhone X 64GB is now priced at RM4,299 (from RM4,857 0% GST), while the 256GB model is now available at RM4,999 (from RM5,565 0% GST). The store even has the iPhone 6 still available for RM1,025.

Finally, there are also price reductions for two popular Apple accessories: the AirPods wireless earphones (RM649 from RM800) and Apple Pencil for iPad (RM369 from RM419).


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