Enjoy 20-Year Coverage By Paying 5 Years Premium With Gibraltar BSN Cash Star
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Whether you’re aiming to build your children’s education fund or save for a fulfilling retirement, it will require patience, sacrifice and of course, hard work. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone — Gibraltar BSN Cash Star is here to help make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals, while offering you insurance coverage at the same time.

Get Protected & Reach Your Financial Goals

Gibraltar BSN Cash Star is a 20-year endowment plan that combines wealth accumulation and protection features. The premiums you pay act as a savings vehicle while also giving you the benefit of insurance coverage. With an entry age from 2 weeks old to 60 years old, Gibraltar BSN Cash Star starts from a minimum sum assured of RM10,000.

All you need to do is to stay committed to your payment schedule. With Gibraltar BSN Cash Star, you can opt for 5-year limited premium payment plan. 

Guaranteed Cash Payments Of Up To 6.5%

The Guaranteed Cash Payment is paid as a percentage of your basic sum assured and will increase over time. On your first policy year, the percentage of your cash payments will be at 2.5%. Over the next 2 to 5 years, it will increase to 3.5% and finally, at 6.5% annually from years 6 to 20.  

End of Policy Year

Guaranteed Cash Payment

(% of Basic Sum Assured)



2 – 5


6 -20


Apart from these yearly guaranteed cash payments, you may also receive additional Non-Guaranteed Cash Dividends. 

Both of these payments can either be withdrawn and used as extra funds for your children’s education, to build your retirement fund, or even investments. Or, you can choose to let it accumulate with the Company to earn more funds till the end of your policy. 

Enjoy 100% Of Basic Sum Assured In 20 Years 

Once your policy matures at the end of 20 years, you will receive a lump sum of 100% of your Basic Sum Assured, along with any Guaranteed Cash Payments and Non-Guaranteed Cash Dividends you’ve accumulated. 

So, if you signed up with the minimum Basic Sum Assured of RM10,000, at the end of 20 years you’ll receive RM10,000, plus the Guaranteed Cash Payments, and Non-Guaranteed Cash Dividends. 

Stay Protected With The Benefit Of Waiver Of Premium & More

Gibraltar BSN Cash Star also comes with Waiver of Premium Benefit. This means that in the event that you are diagnosed with a critical illness, all future premium payments will be waived accordingly. You will still get to enjoy the full benefits of your Gibraltar BSN Cash Star plan while you focus on getting better. 

For insurance coverage, Gibraltar BSN Cash Star offers Death Benefit and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit. Upon the occurrence of these unfortunate events, 100% of Basic Sum Assured, accumulated Guaranteed Cash Payments, accumulated Non-Guaranteed Cash Dividends, and Terminal Dividends will be payable in one lump sum.

Furthermore, Gibraltar BSN Cash Star also offers an additional 100% of Basic Sum Assured with their Accidental Death Benefit and Accidental Total and Permanent Disability  Benefit. 

For example, Harry’s Basic Sum Assured is RM10,000. If Harry is permanently disabled due to a car accident, he will then receive an additional RM10,000 on top of his payable lump sum of 100% of Basic Sum Assured, accumulated Guaranteed Cash Payments, accumulated Non-Guaranteed Cash Dividends, and Terminal Dividend. 

Widen Your Protection Coverage With Riders

Policyowners can also enhance the coverage of their Gibraltar BSN Cash Star policy by attaching riders for medical coverage with cashless admission or pay & file admission, critical illness, accidental death or injuries, female diseases and reconstructive surgery.

So if you’re looking to get the best of both worlds by achieving your financial goals and getting insurance coverage, Gibraltar BSN Cash Star may be the answer. With a 20-year coverage for only 5 years of premium payments plus Guaranteed Cash Payments, your journey towards your life goals could be a few steps closer. 

For more information and to inquire for a quote, head to Gibraltar BSN Cash Star’s website to find out more.

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