Enjoy A 7.5% Cash Rebate When You Apply For UOB BizCare
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*This post has been updated on 22 September 2022.

In the initial stages of starting a business, insurance may not be one of the first few things that come to business owners’ minds. More than 90% of local entrepreneurs are uninsured against risks including natural disasters, and have no safety net in place should an unfortunate event occur.

Some of the benefits that business insurance can offer Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) include:

1. Financial protection against a variety of risks like fire, theft, and liabilities.

2. Safeguarding the business if any legal action is taken against it.

3. Confidence and assurance for employees, the business, and shareholders.

One of Malaysia’s top-rated Banks, UOB, offers a solution that can help safeguard Malaysian SMEs from unexpected incidents. Introducing UOB BizCare, a comprehensive insurance coverage designed for businesses nationwide. For a limited time, you can enjoy a one-off UOB BizCare cash rebate of 7.5% from the total gross premium amount* when you apply for your coverage through the portal using the code “UOB2022” before 31 December 2022. 

Let’s explore how UOB BizCare can keep your business protected.

Risks can be hard to predict and in some cases, it can threaten a business’ livelihood. To ensure your business is out of harm’s way, consider an all-inclusive insurance plan like UOB BizCare so you can maintain peace of mind if any unfortunate incidents strike. UOB BizCare provides a wide range of coverages with plans that include burglary, liability, and fire, offering protection based on what your business needs. 

Business insurance is there to protect your business and assets against peril. Without insurance coverage, your business is exposed to the risk of liabilities, physical danger, legal threats, and financial loss.

To claim your one-off UOB BizCare cash rebate of 7.5% from the total gross premium amount**, apply for your coverage through the portal using the code “UOB2022”. Don’t wait – offer ends 31 December 2022. Apply for UOB BizCare today.

**Terms and Conditions apply.

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