Instahome: An End-To-End Service For Malaysian Landlords
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Among the age-old questions a regular person will ask at one point in their life is “to buy or to rent?” Although RMFLS 2021 indicates that many Malaysians are interested in purchasing a home, there are many reasons why some prefer renting instead of buying, such as flexibility, affordability, and low commitment. Due to the sheer size of the rental market, many Malaysians seek to fulfil the demands by purchasing homes and turning them into investments.

However, being a landlord is no easy task. Managing your property, maintaining its quality, making it attractive to potential tenants, and ensuring rent gets paid on time are only a few of the responsibilities that sit on the shoulders of a landlord. This becomes even more difficult when they have a full-time job or more than one property to manage.

When these problems arise, it’s normal to wonder if acquiring external help would be worthwhile. Hiring an agent might be hit-or-miss because good agents with impressive track records might not prioritise your listing due to the volume of properties on their plate while less experienced agents may not have the expertise in selling the property.

Insurance Protection Of Up To RM18,000 + 2.5 Months Deposit

According to a landlord survey conducted by Instahome, although the majority of landlords collect a traditional 2.5 months deposit, they still worry about runaway tenants, property damages and theft that exceed the deposit collected.

To further safeguard Joe’s interests as a landlord, Instahome has partnered with Tune Protect to provide free landlord insurance.

Landlords can collect the usual 2.5 months deposit and get insurance protection of up to RM18,000 with Instahome x Tune Protect’s insurance. Under the free package, landlords are insured for:

● Tenant Runaway

  • Loss of Rent up to RM1,500
  • Legal letter of demand up to RM500

● Malicious Damage upon tenant runaway

  • Up to RM15,000

● Theft and burglary by tenant

  • Up to RM1,000

With this, Joe no longer has to carry his past worries of dealing with poor-quality tenants. And if he does, he’s insured by Instahome x Tune Protect’s coverage. Whether it’s missing furniture, late payments, or tenants that simply go MIA, Instahome ensures that all landlords get the protection they need. 

Instahome Partners You For The Entire Rental Process

It’s sad when a tenant runs away or doesn’t pay rent after moving in, and the property agent or platform is uncontactable after collecting their upfront fee. Instahome commits to being with you the entire way by charging you a smaller monthly fee instead. Additionally, this monthly fee is tax-deductible from your rental income!


Taking on the role of a landlord comes with a unique set of challenges that not everyone can endure. High vacancy costs, unsatisfactory service by agents, damaged property, and difficulty in receiving payments on time are some of the hardships that landlords are subjected to brave. 

However, working with Instahome provides the bright prospect of having those worries mitigated through the help of thorough background checks and insurance protection, just to name a few. If you or a landlord you know could potentially benefit from Instahome, why not give it a try?

Find out more about Instahome by visiting their website.

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