Made In Malaysia, Tailored For Malaysians: Invest With Ease & Confidence Through M+ Global
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In recent times, there is a noticeable increase in investment-related activities among Malaysians, especially among the youth. The pandemic years, in particular, ignited a new generation of Malaysians to learn the ropes of investing and wealth generation.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can invest with just a few taps of your smartphone. However, there are still some challenges to overcome. These days, there are various brokerages that offer online trading platforms that let you invest locally in Bursa Malaysia – but access to global markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange in particular, remains inaccessible. The main stumbling blocks are usually the high fees and restrictions imposed by the broker, limited trading facilities, or in the worst case, the platforms themselves are not regulated by any local governing bodies.

So how can a Malaysian investor access the global markets beyond Malaysia and diversify their investments meaningfully? Thankfully, Malacca Securities, the award-winning local brokerage, has taken up that challenge and created M+ Global, an investment platform designed by Malaysians, for Malaysians to win the world.

M+ Global is a brand new trading app by Malacca Securities that allows investors to invest in two of the largest stock markets in the world: the US and Hong Kong stock markets, which includes major markets such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ,  and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). It also introduces new features available to Malaysian investors for the first time, catered both to new and seasoned investors alike.

Six Decades Of Expertise

Local investors will be familiar with the Malacca Securities name. This homegrown brokerage began its humble roots as a small broking firm in Malacca back in 1963, growing from strength to strength as one of the top brokerages in Malaysia mainly through word of mouth.

Its award-winning track record stems from the company’s willingness to embrace change and listening to the needs of its users. It was among the first in Malaysia to introduce an online trading platform in 2012, M+ Online, as well as launching a fully digital onboarding process. Along the way, Malacca Securities continued to build its physical presence across 17 physical branches and 200 dealer representatives to ensure while trading activities have shifted online, users still have access to a human touch.

Malacca Securities’ first office

Today, Malacca Securities boasts a strong client base of over 250,000 users, and its efforts in digital technology has resulted in pioneering products like a fully digital onboarding process for users which does not require them to physically visit a branch, as well as integrations with other digital services that improve user experience. It’s no surprise that the company has earned various awards from Bursa Malaysia and industry peers.

With the launch of M+ Global, Malacca Securities is taking the next leap in its forward-thinking pursuit, and answering the call of many local investors looking for a trusted and reliable platform to invest in the global markets. Blending a mix of new technologies and understanding its users needs, let’s find out how M+ Global sets itself apart.

Tailored For Malaysians

(i) Trusted and licensed platform

As a brokerage firm with a solid track record and over six decades of experience, Malacca Securities is a participating organisation under Bursa Malaysia, licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia, and a member of the Association of Stockbroking Companies Malaysia.

In an age when financial scams are rampant and the rise of unregulated exchanges that do not have the interests of its users at its core, M+ Global offers immediate peace of mind for users, safe in the knowledge that their investments are held in their name and their deposits not commingled with those of other users.

(ii) Designed for local users

In addition, M+ Global is also the currently the only broker in Malaysia that offers a shariah screening feature. This reflects a product that caters to the needs of its users – this feature is available front and centre on M+ Global for both the US and HK markets, allowing users to conveniently and confidently invest only in Shariah-compliant companies.

In our conversation with Malacca Securities, it was revealed that the company went above and beyond to introduce this feature, thanks to feedback from its user base. It built a partnership with IdealRatings Inc, a leading provider of Shariah-compliant investment solutions. By leveraging on the expertise of IdealRatings’ team of experienced Shariah scholars and finance professionals, the integration of IdealRatings’ Assets-Market Cap Rulebook on M+ Global ensures that the Shariah Screening feature accurately identifies Shariah-compliant stocks.

(iii) Access real-time data

Most brokers normally provide investors with market data that’s usually delayed by 15 minutes. This gap in information may not be as crucial for beginner investors and those who prefer to hold for the long term, but it definitely makes a difference to seasoned investors and full-time traders.

With real-time data or live quotes of the market, short-term investors like day traders and swing/momentum traders can make quick and informed decisions, giving them an edge over those who do not have this facility at hand.

Because of that, M+ Global provides access to real-time market data for NASDAQ and HKEX, as well as up to 10-level market depth of orders, providing even more information for investors to stay ahead of the game.

(iv) Access IPOs in HKEX

As an upcoming feature, M+ Global will soon offer its users access to upcoming IPOs in the Hong Kong market. IPOs, short for Initial Public Offering, is the process of listing a company into the stock market where members of the public are given a chance to purchase shares of the company at the IPO price before they are listed. For private companies with strong earnings performance and growth potential, the ability to purchase shares at their IPO prices can be highly rewarding for investors.

Just take a look at some of the global companies today and their IPO prices: Amazon’s IPO price was just US$18, today its share price is over US$120; Tencent’s IPO price for the HKEX in 2004 was HK3.70, which would have netted initial investors over 200x returns at its peak price in early 2021!

In fact, we don’t even need to look so far; Malaysia also has a healthy IPO market, sometimes with hugely successful returns even on their first day of trading. Just a few months ago, Oppstar Bhd shocked the market on its first day of trading, reaching an intraday high of RM2.95 – almost five times higher than its RM0.65 IPO price.

Look out for this feature later this month.

(v) Comprehensive features for all users

Lastly, M+ Global offers more features and perks that cater to the needs of all users, from the new users as well as full-time traders. Take your pick from over 7,000 stocks listed in the US and over 3,000 listings in HKEX through M+ Global – the widest coverage available among local brokerages today. Experienced investors can also access derivatives such as warrants, callable bull/bear contracts (CBBCs), as well as more structured products including real estate investment trusts (REITs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In addition, users enjoy low trading fees from just 0.1%, access to margin trading, real-time funds deposit in MYR via FPX, and another first: 24-hour customer service across multiple channels. We’re told that users can engage with M+ Global customer support via the app as well as other channels like WhatsApp chat and even live streaming!

A Modern Trading App For The Global Investor

The evolving needs of today’s investors mean that local brokerages need to continue to evolve with their users. By having its ear close to the ground and developing an understanding of its clients’ needs, Malacca Securities has developed M+ Global to offer features that empower its users with local nuances in mind.
If you’ve been looking to invest in the global markets such as the US and HK markets, do check out M+ Global. Not to forget, RinggitPlus has partnered with Malacca Securities to offer an exclusive launch promo!

Simply open an M+ Global Hong Kong and United States Stock Market Trading account by registering through this link and make a minimum net deposit of RM1,000 from now until 31 July 2023 to be eligible for the following exclusive rewards:

  • One (1) chance to unbox a guaranteed mystery stock which includes some of the biggest stocks – including Tesla, AMD, and Uber – or a trading voucher of up to US$50!
  • 30 days of real-time live quotes for the US and Hong Kong market

Ready to trade in the global markets? Find out more about M+ Global here.

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