ManuEZ-Med Offers Complete Medical Coverage For Up To Age 99

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There are moments in life, where it’s about the journey, not the destination. Whether it’s building a family or paving your own path in the world – the importance of having medical insurance grows as well. The reason being that medical insurance can provide you with a financial safety net that helps you prepare for the unexpected, keeping you and your family supported in times of need. 

Besides that, with the rising costs of healthcare in Malaysia along with the average medical inflation rate of 15% over the last 3 years, an unfortunate medical emergency can cost you a sizable sum of money, which further emphasises on the importance of having medical insurance. 

When it comes to choosing medical insurance that is suitable for you – while affordability is one of the many aspects to consider, it is also important to look into the coverage offered, especially when it comes to both in-patient and out-patient benefits.

In-Patient & Out-Patient Benefits: What’s The Difference?

In-patient benefits include medical treatment and surgical fees when hospitalised, while out-patient benefits cover medical treatment and surgical fees in the out-patient department or emergency room (treatments that don’t require hospitalisation). Out-patient benefits may also include follow-up treatments for cancer and kidney failure as well, both of which are among the most diagnosed critical illnesses in Malaysians. 

Medical insurance typically provides in-patient coverage, but depending on the insurers, their out-patient coverage may apply only for specified conditions or illnesses. 

Manulife’s ManuEZ-Med is one such medical insurance which you can purchase online in just 5 minutes. Offering complete medical coverage that includes both in-patient and out-patient benefits, here’s how you can benefit from ManuEZ-Med.

Enjoy High Annual Limit Of Up To RM250,000

With no medical check-up needed, ManuEZ-Med is a regular premium medical plan with coverage of up to 99 years with an affordable premium from as low as RM2 a day.

ManuEZ-Med includes two plans for you to choose from, Platinum and Gold that comes with an annual limit of RM250,000 and RM150,000, as well as lifetime limit of RM2,500,000 and RM1,500,000 respectively. With a high annual limit, you are well covered against the rising medical expenses in the future and you won’t have to worry about dipping into your life’s savings to pay off your medical fees. 

Both Platinum and Gold plans include pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation benefits as well as surgical and anaesthetist benefits, ambulance fee, and more.

ManuEZ-Med Offers Out-patient Benefits for Cancer, Kidney Dialysis & Dengue

When one is diagnosed with cancer or kidney failure, they may require both in-patient and extensive out-patient treatments depending on the severity of their illness, which may call for months or years of treatments to fully recover. ManuEZ-Med does not only offer coverage that supports you during your treatment but also throughout your journey towards recovery. 

For example, ManuEZ-Med provides medical coverage for a patient suffering from breast cancer. She would need in-patient treatments or surgery to stabilise her condition. Once discharged from the hospital, she would also require out-patient cancer treatments such as radiotherapy which could cost up to RM4,800 a session or chemotherapy, up to RM4,000 a cycle. The total treatment cost could amount to RM395,000 – all of which will be covered under ManuEZ-Med. 

Additionally, ManuEZ-Med also provides out-patient coverage for dengue fever, which is not covered by most insurers out there. Dengue fever has also recently been on the rise in Malaysia over the last two years, with a 60% increase from 2018 as well as 182 deaths in 2019

Other out-patient treatment benefits include Day Surgery with 90 days of follow-up treatment, Emergency Accidental Injury Benefit of up to RM1,000 per injury, Emergency Assistance Services, and International Emergency Medical Evacuation.

Get To Your 100% Recovery With Unlimited Hospital Stay

With a Daily Hospital Room & Board of RM250 and RM150 for Platinum and Gold plans respectively, ManuEZ-Med insurance policyholders can also enjoy no limit on the number of days for Daily Hospital Room & Board and Hospital Intensive Care benefits, allowing patients to stay for as long as they require to fully recover to their best condition.

Available for those aged 17-45 years old, Manulife’s ManuEZ-Med offers comprehensive in-patient and out-patient medical coverage at an affordable premium. You can also consider purchasing a ManuEZ-Med plan for your loved ones.  As a policyholder of ManuEZ-Med, you will also be entitled for Manulife’s COVID-19 Special Financial Assistance Programme.

So, whether you’re going for the Platinum or Gold plan, you can easily apply for your preferred ManuEZ-Med plan online without the need for a medical check-up! You can also easily inquire for a free quotation by simply keying in your details on the website. For more information on ManuEZ-Med, head to their website here.

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