OctaFX Celebrates 11th Anniversary With A Star-Filled Rebranding
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The interest in trading within the foreign exchange market has risen in recent years. While some prefer investing in stocks, there are plenty of people who enjoy the fast-moving forex market. With so many resources and tools made available to retail traders, it’s no surprise that people of all ages and backgrounds have grown interested and explored it as a means to invest and potentially earn extra money from currency fluctuations.

Although there are a number of platforms that make forex trading accessible, few are as notable as OctaFX. The global broker has been providing online trading services worldwide since over a decade ago. Amateurs and seasoned traders from all over the world come together and find strategies that help them reach their goals with OctaFX. This year, the broker celebrates its 11th anniversary.

Celebrating 11 Years In The Industry

Ever since its inception in 2011, OctaFX has successfully reached a number of impressive milestones. The global broker has served clients from over 150 countries, processed 8.8 million requests from customers, held 2,500 educational webinars, offered 8 educational formats, and has seen over 12 million accounts opened with it. On top of that, they have delivered 555,000 gifts, and have taught valuable lessons to more than 600 million traders on YouTube. OctaFX has also won its fair share of awards – 50, to be precise.

Over the past 11 years, OctaFX has managed to make forex trading more accessible by offering 28 languages of communication and virtual lessons to people from all over the world.

How OctaFX’s Core Philosophy Propelled Them Forward

In the saturated world of finance, a lot of factors need to work together in order for a broker to rise above its competitors. There are many factors that have led to OctaFX’s success, one of which being their brand philosophy and core elements. 

The reason they are able to process 8.8 million requests, dedicate approximately 96.8 million minutes to resolving issues, and answer their clients’ questions in a timely manner is because OctaFX is always online. They are always around to provide support to their clients. 

Apart from that, OctaFX continuously finds new ways to improve by analysing feedback from their users. This includes everything from technical difficulties to trading features users hope to find on the platform. They also practice agility and are constantly ready to transform and develop at all times. 

As the trading landscape continues to evolve at high speed, OctaFX has to be dynamic and developing. This strategy has led to the creation of the broker’s own mobile trading and copy trading apps, the addition of a wide range of popular financial instruments ranging from cryptocurrencies  to  stock  indices, and developing a copy trading platform with unique features for finding and copying professional traders.

Being data-driven is also a big priority to OctaFX. Data has informed a number of research and analyses, constant learning about the latest tech in the financial markets to ensure clients can enjoy the best solutions with the latest technology. 

Last but not least, OctaFX is client-centered, therefore its clients are able to realise their potential through a long-term relationship with a personalised approach.

A Joyous Rebranding

In celebration of 11 years in the financial markets, OctaFX has unveiled their brand new space-inspired visual branding. The concept behind the rebranding mirrors their mission.

The stars, made up of a unique combination of needs and desires, symbolise financial goals of an individual in the broad universe of finance. 

“The journey towards the investment goal isn’t always easy—there are many obstacles on the way. To overcome them, traders need an optimal set of both analytical and financial instruments, as well as a reliable partner. We are here to provide them with everything necessary to make effective trading decisions and achieve their investment goals,” shared the OctaFX press office.  

The two orbits that make up OctaFX’s new logo represent the all-encompassing assistance it offers traders on the journey toward their goals. The orbits overlap to form the word ‘fx,’ which emphasises a key component of the corporate name.

The new visual identity is constructed around centre-oriented forces and objects, such as orbits and rays, indicating the broker’s continuous focus on its clients’ financial goals. The colour palette’s deep blues and intense oranges reflect OctaFX’s confidence, dynamism, and readiness to change.

The new visual branding also reflects the ever-evolving financial world where new challenges emerge each day, in which OctaFX is ready to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients.


Having won 50 awards and provided clients from over 150 countries with state-of-the-art services, OctaFX is evidently the preferred broker for many traders across the globe. Clients’ goals are always prioritised and when any concerns arise, the broker is always online to provide support. On top of that, OctaFX utilises data to continuously innovate and improve their operations in order to better meet clients’ expectations.

If you’re interested in OctaFX, click here to find out more.

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