Public Bank Credit Card Campaign Lets You Earn 50% Monthly Cashback On Petron Fuel
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Aside from getting access to a line of credit, we apply for credit cards to enjoy rewards or cashback opportunities. Some credit cards are designed to reward you for your lifestyle, meaning that you get to enjoy cash rebates every time you spend on items or services that are part of your everyday activities. 

The Public Bank Petron Visa Card is one such credit card. As a dedicated petrol cashback credit card, it allows you to earn up to 5% cash rebate when you make fuel and non-fuel purchases at Petron service stations nationwide. As fuel expenses are repetitive, you could end up saving quite a bit. 

Furthermore, for a limited time, new and existing Public Bank Petron Visa Cardholders can now enjoy 50% cashback on fuel at Petron service stations.

Fuel up at Petron for up to 50% cashback

Refuelling is part of every vehicle owner’s permanent routine with the only difference being the frequency. If you get on the road often for work, weekend getaways, or hometown visits across the country, you may consider getting the Public Bank Petron Visa Card.

Starting from now till February 2023, Public Bank is giving its Petron Visa Cardholders the opportunity to earn monthly cashback on fuel transactions, capped at RM50 per month for each account.

For new cardholders, follow the steps below to enjoy 50% monthly cashback:

  1. Apply for Public Bank Petron Visa Gold Credit Card / Debit Card during campaign duration.
  1. Spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt with your new card at Petron Service Station every Saturday and Sunday during campaign period.
  1. Campaign ends on 26 February 2023.

For existing cardholders, here is how you can enjoy RM50 monthly cashback:

  1. Register via SMS to participate. Text PBGM <space> 16-digit Principal Public Bank Petron Visa Card Number and send to 66300.
  1. Spend an accumulative amount of RM1,500 per month with your Public Bank Petron Visa Gold Credit Card / Debit Card during campaign period.
  1. Campaign ends on 28 February 2023.

After the campaign ends, you will still be able to earn cashback on fuel and non-fuel purchases at any Petron service stations in Malaysia via a tiered cash rebate structure. You can earn up to 5% cash rebate when you spend more than RM800 at Petron service station. Note that the monthly rebate is capped at RM50.

More cash rebates on retail purchases

When travelling on the road, especially for longer journeys, it’s important to take breaks and a Petron service station can make a great stop for you to re-energise. Whether it’s grabbing a snack or even repairing your car, Petron service stations are equipped to help you attain a smoother ride. 

Cash MegaBonus lets Petron Visa Gold Credit cardmembers save even more with rebates on retail purchases. With a tiered cash rebate structure, Cash MegaBonus rewards you with cash rebates when you spend on fuel and non-fuel purchases at Petron stations. Additionally, you will enjoy unlimited Cash MegaBonus rebate of 0.1% on other local and overseas retail purchases as well for further savings. 

Protection on the road

As many who choose the Petron Visa Gold Credit Card are probably travelling on the road frequently, Public Bank wants to ensure that you have protection wherever you go. Once you sign up for the Public Bank Petron Visa Gold Credit Card, you will receive a complimentary personal accident insurance with up to RM20,000 coverage. 

In addition, you will also be able to access Flexipay Plan with the Public Bank Petron Visa Gold Credit Card 0% Instalment Plan whereby you can make a purchase first and repay later till 31 December 2022.   

After learning about the benefits of the Public Bank Petron Visa Gold Credit Card, you may want to consider signing up for it. If you’re thinking of switching to the card, you may rest assured that Public Bank offers balance transfer at zero interest rate and low one-time upfront charges starting from 1% until 31 December 2022 with repayment terms extended up to 48 months. Moreover, you will also be glad to know that there is no annual fee for life without conditions. 

Terms and conditions apply.


Over recent years, we’ve witnessed fuel prices going up. As being on the road and refuelling can be a huge part of one’s routine, it may do well for you to find ways to counter the rising inflation. If you’re thinking of getting a credit card, perhaps you could consider the Public Bank Petron Visa Card that comes with fuel cashbacks, insurance protection, and more for a smooth-sailing journey. What’s more, new applicants and cardmembers can now earn up to RM50 monthly cashback on Petron fuel purchases.

Apply for a Public Bank Petron Visa Card here. If you’re already a cardmember, learn more about the campaign here.

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