Stay Focused On Growing Your Business While SNS OnePlan™ Manages All Your Company Devices
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It should come as no surprise that keeping a business running smoothly necessitates a great deal of energy and tenacity on the part of both business owners and their employees. To ensure that the company operates at peak efficiency, all departments must collaborate. Many businesses today rely heavily on digital technology and devices, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, IT departments are frequently suffocated by the laborious task of ensuring that the entire company is outfitted with capable devices. They are frequently held back by the need to support technical issues and troubleshoot software errors rather than contributing to strategic decisions that could further elevate the business.

A simple alternative that could help ease this problem is through the convenience of a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider. One such solution is SNS OnePlan™, a subscription-based service that bundles the leasing of devices, lifecycle management, run-up, and deployment into a single monthly contract. 

Let’s look at how SNS OnePlan™ can mitigate and simplify the hassle of managing all the devices within a company.

Get Expert Recommendations On Devices By Specialists

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For every business that subscribes to SNS OnePlan™, a team of specialists will provide a thorough consultation and design a solution aimed to maximise the company’s productivity. This also takes the responsibility of researching and proposing systems off the shoulders of the IT department and instead, frees up their time to conduct more productive tasks. 

The business will be provided with recommendations on solutions, from which they can select. Once chosen, devices will be configured based on the requirements of the company.

Complimentary Expert Support

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Besides designing a solution for the company, SNS OnePlan™ provides end-to-end servicing support, which includes everything from consultation and deployment to maintenance. How does this bring value to the company? Employees can stay focused on the business, get up and running quickly with delivery, installation, and device set-up service all prepared to reduce time, risks, and costs. 

Subscribers can select from a multitude of global services for coverage, protection, and support for product maintenance. Not only that, upgrades, maintenance, and bug fixes are also carried out to ensure devices are robust and continue functioning at peak performance. If any issues arise, the dedicated service team will provide immediate remote assistance to provide assistance so operations can run smoothly.

Refresh And Restart With Ease

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With technology evolving at its swift speed, devices become obsolete and outdated at a rapid pace. When they no longer serve the business, the company does not need to dedicate staff to remove those devices from workstations. Instead, the SNS OnePlan™ support team will manage the disposal of devices as necessary and will reassess the needs of the business to restart a new lifecycle. End-of-use devices are safely sanitised and recycled to make way for the new ones that will arrive at the office doorstep. 

Bundled With Premier Software 

What makes the SNS OnePlan™ an even sweeter package is the complementary software that comes with it. For every subscription, businesses get to enjoy Windows 10 Pro with a FREE upgrade to Windows 11 Pro. On top of that, Microsoft 365 Business Standard will also be provided, allowing employees to professionally collaborate with one another more efficiently through the use of Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and more. It also includes 1TB of secure cloud storage for each user!


A Solution That Frees Up Employees’ Valuable Time

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With a specially tailored solution catered to encourage productivity, SNS OnePlan™ offers a service that not only reduces the workload of IT personnel but also encourages a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased cost-efficiency through its carefully bundled product. 

From RM149 per device, companies get to enjoy Microsoft 365 Business Standard for 3 years, Antivirus and Data Security apps, 3 years extended warranty, and a rental period of 36 months.

Whether you opt for the Lite, Advance, or Premium plan, you’ll be offered a complete end-to-end service with products from a wide selection of global brands designed to elevate business performance. 

For more information on SNS OnePlan™, click here to visit the website.  

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