Taking Care Of Your Protection Needs Amid COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic, together with the subsequent movement control orders introduced to contain the spread of the virus, has changed society in many ways. The new normal finds us taking to new practices like social distancing and remote working, and it has also reminded us not to take things like our health and well-being for granted.

When it comes to adapting to a Covid-19 world, businesses and brands have been quick to embrace these new measures as well – and leading insurer and takaful operator AIA is not to be missed among them. Let’s take a look at the ways in which AIA is helping its customers adjust to the new normal.

Free Online Consultation And Hassle-Free Sign Ups

One of the ways that AIA promotes social distancing is by providing free contactless consultation services. Now, you can engage with AIA’s Life Planners through online sessions, which ensures that you get provided with the consultation you need regarding your insurance and takaful coverage without having to leave the safety of your home.

Additionally, AIA is also offering the flexibility for insurance and takaful applications to be processed without the need for any face-to-face meet ups, making it safer and more convenient for customers to sign up for insurance and takaful plans amidst the ongoing conditional movement control order.

3-Month Waivers On Premiums Or Contributions

In a move never seen before in the industry and consistent with AIA’s commitment to helping Malaysians live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives, the company has set out to provide a special 3-month waiver on premiums or contributions for selected plans. Customers will still be able to enjoy the benefits and coverage afforded throughout the period that the premiums or contributions are waived, making sure that they will continue to be well protected during these challenging times.

To enjoy this promotion, you can choose to sign up for either A-LifeProtectTerm or A-Life Kasih Famili – AIA’s affordable, basic life insurance and family takaful plans which we will elaborate below.

Both plans offer a protection amount of up to RM100,000. The promotion will run until the end of June 2020 or until the issuance of the first 50,000 policies, whichever comes first. The first 50,000 policies here refer to the combined sign ups of both the A-LifeProtectTerm and A-Life Kasih Famili plans.

Learn more about this limited 3-month waiver offer for both A-LifeProtectTerm and A-Life Kasih Famili.

About A-LifeProtectTerm And A-Life Kasih Famili

A-LifeProtectTerm is a term life insurance plan for individuals that provides two coverage term options, i.e. 10-year and 20-year. The plan provides coverage against death and permanent disability.

The plan also comes with a conversion option where the policy can be converted into other permanent plans without further underwriting as long as you are below the age of 65 and the plan is still active. Sign up for or find out more about A-LifeProtectTerm here.

A-Life Kasih Famili, on the other hand, is a regular contribution family takaful plan that provides coverage on death, disability, and double coverage for accidental death.

The plan protects you until you’re 70 years old, and you can choose a coverage amount of RM50,000 or RM100,000. Follow this link to sign up for A-Life Kasih Famili or to learn more about the plan.

Both A-LifeProtectTerm and A-Life Kasih Famili are plans that were created with affordability in mind. Premiums for A-LifeProtectTerm start from as low as RM0.50 a day while contributions for A-Life Kasih Famili begin at only RM0.95 a day.

Sign Up Now And Qualify For The Premium Waiver

It’s time to consider joining the tens of thousands of customers who have taken up this special promotion. You can qualify for the 3-month premium waiver when you sign up for either A-LifeProtectTerm or A-Life Kasih Famili.

If you opt for A-LifeProtectTerm, choose a 10-year or 20-year term plan, with a sum assured of RM50,000 or RM100,000 per insured or covered life to be eligible for the premium waiver. Please note that each insured or covered person is eligible to enjoy this waiver only once for A-LifeProtectTerm and A-Life Kasih Famili respectively.

Additional Covid-19 Coverage

If you do decide to take up the promotion, you’ll also enjoy additional Covid-19 coverage until 30 September 2020 (terms and conditions apply), which grants you an income of RM200 a day for up to 30 days should you be hospitalised because of the virus. There’s a RM10,000 death benefit should you pass away due to Covid-19, too.

This extra Covid-19 coverage will provide yet another safety net to complement the protection offered by the A-LifeProtectTerm or A-Life Kasih Famili plans for added peace of mind.

Keen to learn more about either of these plans? Check out the A-LifeProtectTerm and A-Life Kasih Famili product pages.

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