Terlebih Beli During Sales? Kenalah Sell!

Mudah.my invites Malaysians to earn back some money and to declutter with their “Kena Sales? Kena Sell!” campaign in the aftermath of the e-commerce flash sale season.

Malaysians love shopping, and it certainly showed in the recent sales, with many shoppers eagerly tapping into flash deals and promotions by e-commerce platforms for great bargains.

But what comes after the discounts and massive price cuts – apart from the anticipation of your new goods coming in your mail? For some, perhaps the dawning realisation that you might just have over-shopped; and for others, a need to declutter or sell out preloved items to make way for the incoming new goods.

If you feel like you fit into either of these groups, then why not head over to Mudah.my? With its launch of the “Kena Sales? Kena Sell!” campaign, it might just be the right solution for you.

Kena Sales? Kena Sell! – Making Way For More

The idea behind the “Kena Sales? Kena Sell!” campaign is pretty straightforward: sell, earn, and declutter. It’s primed for those of you who have emerged from the recent online flash sales with a new need to earn back some cash or to unload some of the extra stuff that you now have at home.

Maybe it’s the unworn pair of trousers sitting in your cabinet, or a gaming controller that you’re thinking of giving away now that you’ve bought a new one. Or even the new set of dinnerware that you’d bought as a Christmas gift for your mom, but then thought better of it.

Whatever it is, the “Kena Sales? Kena Sell!” campaign is where you can earn some money by selling off your unused or preloved goods on Mudah.my, and simultaneously make some headway into the upcoming year-end spring cleaning.

Andrew Pinto, Head of Marketing at Mudah.my has this to say: “If you are like the many shoppers out there wanting to get more bang for your buck, it is often hard to resist a good sale. Especially with year-end sales drawing near, we want to showcase how Mudah.my can help consumers in a fun and entertaining way.”

Understanding full well the impact of being bombarded by sales during the year-end, this time, Mudah is switching the focus from buying to selling. With a humorous video and an even catchier song, they’re reminding Malaysians who spent excessively during the sales that there’s opportunity let go of their unwanted or unused items and earn some money back with Mudah.my.

Mudah.my: Malaysia’s Largest Marketplace

Mudah.my has long made a name for itself as one of the pioneers in Malaysia’s e-commerce industry. It has also emerged as the county’s largest online marketplace, with an emphasis on its convenience as a platform to buy and sell anything, anytime, and anywhere.

This focus on simplicity and ease is tantamount to all Mudah.my users, both consumers and sellers; and is supported by a robust network of technology and data. It’s all about keeping the front-to-back procedures as effortless as possible – from the application and verification process as a seller to the relevant searches and service suggestions for buyers.

With over 50 categories of items offered on the site now – including home and personal items, electronics, vehicles, hobbies, real estate, careers, and services – Mudah.my certainly lives up to its mission to democratise commerce for Malaysians everywhere.

To find out more about how you can be part of Mudah.my’s “Kena Sales? Kena Sell!” campaign, head on over to their website or Facebook page.


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