Unlock Up To 2.5% Guaranteed Cash Payout with Etiqa e-Treasure 3 Insurance Savings Plan

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Saving money is one of the keys to financial independence and we all wish we had bountiful accounts with plenty socked away for a rainy day. But the truth is, for many people saving money can be a “difficult” task and many of us need a little motivation to kickstart our savings journey.

As such, Etiqa has introduced the e-Treasure 3, an insurance savings plan that motivates you to save with yearly deposits over a 3-year journey. Throughout the journey, you’ll also pick up various “treasures” (benefits) to add to your prosperity.

Discover how Etiqa’s unique 3-year insurance savings plan can help grow your savings in the infographic below.

So, if you’re looking for that extra push to start saving, take a closer look at Etiqa’s e-Treasure 3. This short-term insurance savings plan guarantees up to 2.5% annual cash payout while providing life insurance coverage over the 3-year policy period. What’s more, signing up for this limited-time offer is fast and convenient with a minimum deposit starting from RM10,000 required and no medical examination needed.

Apply online for Etiqa’s e-Treasure 3 here.

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