Unifi Mobile Announces New Postpaid Plans From RM19 A Month

TM has introduced a new range of postpaid plans under the Unifi Mobile Value Plan that starts from RM19 a month.


Unifi Mobile Announces New Postpaid Plans From RM19 A Month

TM has announced a new range of Unifi Mobile postpaid plans as part of the Unifi Value Plan offerings. The latest plans start from as low as RM19 per month, offering bundled data, calls, and SMS every month.

The new Unifi Mobile Value Plan comes in four new mobile plans: Unifi Mobile 19, Unifi Mobile 29 Unifi Mobile 39, and Unifi Mobile 59. Like other Unifi Mobile plans, all four plans come with separate quotas for 4G LTE and 3G data. Apart from that, TM will be charging upfront payments for each plan with a fee of RM50 for the Unifi Mobile 19, 29, and 39 plans, whereas the fee for the Unifi Mobile 59 plan is RM100. The lower three Value Plans are also fixed with credit limits of RM250, while the credit limit for the Unifi Mobile 59 plan is RM500.

Additionally, the Value Plan allows you to replenish data, calls, and SMS with add-ons. Users can manage their account and purchase add-ons by downloading the [email protected] app on Google Play and Apple Store.

Meanwhile, TM also mentioned that its unlimited postpaid plan,Unifi Mobile 99) will be returning and made available to everyone; previously, it was made exclusive for TM customers only. To learn more about Unifi’s Value Plans and Unlimited Plans, visit Unifi.

(Source: Lowyat.NET)


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