Business Banking Made Easy with RHB SME Banking Portal
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In this digital age, every second could be making – or costing – you money. Sticking to tedious and lengthy conventional banking methods for your business needs could mean wasting precious time which you could have otherwise spent on managing your business.

It’s time to look for new ways to engage with banks to help ease and speed up your business banking – and what’s more convenient than to perform your business banking on the digital platform?

This is why RHB has introduced the RHB SME Banking Portal – an online business banking hub where you can get business banking advice and services digitally, without having to spend hours at the branch. RHB SME Banking Portal offers the following services:

Business Banking Made Easy with RHB SME Banking Portal

Choose your preferred RHB SME Business Loan or Financing Online

If you need financing for your SME business, click on RHB SME Banking Portal to find out how you can benefit from a range of 8 financing options offered by RHB. Financing your business will never be an issue again.

Speedy and Easy Online RHB SME Financing Application

We can now apply for personal loans online, so why not SME loans too? With RHB SME Banking Portal, you can apply for RHB SME financing online, which means you’ll no longer be subject to long waiting hours at branches or risk losing any important supporting documents. What’s more, the application process takes only 10 minutes!

Convenient and Fast Business Current Account Application

Bid farewell to the days when you had to visit bank branches multiple times just to apply for a business current account. RHB SME Banking Portal allows you to apply for an RHB business current account online, and it takes no longer than 10 minutes!

Not only is the application process quick and easy, you’ll also be able to access to your business account and perform various online transactions via the internet banking anytime, anywhere.

One-Stop Solution for Your Online Business Needs

Starting your very own business isn’t always easy, and that is why RHB has launched its one-of-a kind RHB SME e-Retail Solution on RHB SME Banking Portal, providing more than an ordinary business banking portal would, and offering a one-stop solution for your business needs.

Services offered include cloud accounting software, Reflex online cash management, business current account, electronic point of sale (ePOS), business credit card, merchant card terminal/MPOS, as well as customised insurance to help you grow your business and give you peace of mind.

Be in the Know of The Latest SME News and Business Tips

RHB SME Banking Portal provides its very own Knowledge Centre featuring the latest market outlook, currency updates, as well as tips and tricks on how to improve your business efficiency, and more!

Online banking can empower your business, and RHB SME Banking Portal is the archetype of efficient and convenient online business banking. Discover how it can help you manage and grow your business today!

This article was brought to you in collaboration with RHB SME Banking.


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