5 Weirdest things money can buy
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It seems true that one never really knows what will sell in this crazy world of ours. Check out these oddball ideas that actually have a decent following.

Irish Dirt

Not English; not Scottish, not even French but Irish Dirt. Yes, if you haven’t been able to touch Irish Soil in Ireland, fear not! You can have the soil shipped to you. Perhaps the years of feeding nations with lovely potatoes have made Irish soil some of the most coveted in the world that there is an official website dedicated to selling the stuff, nicely packaged in a full colour carton.

So if you are Irish and missing home, don’t worry – now home can be sent to you. Well, part of it anyway.

5 Weirdest things money can buy

A Sock Subscription

Is your washing machine a sock black hole? Do sock thieves lurk in the dark recesses of your laundry basket? Your mismatched sock pair woes can now be cured with an $89 (prices vary depending on sock type and frequency of delivery) subscription to, you guessed it, a year’s supply of socks. The base package of $89 will give you 9 pairs of basic calf-length socks divided and delivered 3 times a year. And since the nice guys behind sockscription know how valuable it is to have a decent pair of matching socks when you need it; they’ve thrown in free shipping worldwide.


In the 80’s and 90’s, you would cure boredom by renting a video tape or a book. Now you can rent a companion. Even if you are the most boring, annoying person on earth, you can have your own best friend (who isn’t imaginary!) for a mere $10 an hour. A quick look through the site confirms that there are Malaysian friends you could buy too so no worries about long distance rented friendships.

Fancy a Cuddle?

If you’re in need of a cuddle, it is now a service you can buy too. Gone are the days when people only paid for sex, now you can pay for something as simple and platonic as a cuddle. Jacqueline Samuel started the Snuggery, where she and a friend offers snuggle sessions to strangers for a fee. Book the lowest price package at $45 for an hour of snuggling or go ‘all the way’ with a full night cuddle at $425 a night. Strictly non-sexual contact is part of Jacqueline’s rules and you will be allowed to meet your snuggle buddy beforehand to do away with any awkwardness. Although, if you are willing to pay a stranger to cuddle you for even an hour; you’re likely not the easily embarrassed type.

Own a Skull

Just when we thought we had seen it all; that everything that could possibly be sold, has been. Then we found Skulls Unlimited and realised how naïve we were. With Skulls Unlimited, you can buy animal and human skulls online to furnish your macabre home or make your Halloween haunted house a tad realistic. For a genuine human skull; all you need is spare change of $1350 (prices vary depending on the condition and source of the skull). Choose from mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, humans and even dinosaurs (if any are in stock at the time). The site assures visitors that all bones are ethically and legally obtained so it’s unlikely that a haunting should follow your newest acquisition. But if you were considering a human skeleton as part of home décor, you probably don’t mind.


Gee, I wonder what we Malaysians could sell for a quick buck…


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