Public Bank To Hold Weekend Repayment Assistance Clinics At Major Towns

public bank-1
(Image: The Edge Markets)
public bank-1
(Image: The Edge Markets)

Public Bank is organising a series of repayment assistance clinics (PBB RAC) at major areas nationwide, aimed at providing advisory services and application assistance for customers who need additional aid after the current moratorium ends.

Scheduled for a total of six weeks, the clinics will take place on every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm, between 19 September and 25 October 2020. They will be rotated across several cities and towns, including Peninsular and East Malaysia locations such as Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching.

Note, however, that these clinics are not open events. Interested individuals are required to pre-register and book their spots by calling Public Bank’s credit control centre (retail loans/financing) or credit administration centre (hire purchase).

In a statement, the managing director and chief executive officer of Public Bank, Tan Sri Tay Ah Lek reiterated that the bank has developed personalised repayment assistance packages to suit the different financial conditions of their customers.

pbb tan sri tay ah lek
(Image: The Star)

“The bank has also been very proactive in engaging customers about the relief measures in place. In addition to the digital platform which enables customers to submit online applications, we are organising the weekend PBB RAC as an additional channel for customers who need further assistance on applications,” said Tan Sri Tay. He added that the PBB RAC will also provide convenience to customers who are unable to visit the bank during weekdays.

Meanwhile, customers who wish to submit online applications to reschedule their repayment plans can do so through Public Bank’s digital platform on its website. For more information about PBB RAC, you can also head on over to the bank’s website, or check out the full PBB RAC schedule here.

(Sources: The Sun Daily, Public Bank)

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