12 Chinese Zodiacs: Is Year 2020 Good For Your Wallet?
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Now that the Lunar New Year is here, we will leave behind the year of the Earth Boar and embark on a new one with the Metal Rat. What’s more, it is also the kick-off of another 12-year zodiac cycle. So fresh beginnings all around, yes?

Appease your anticipation for the double new start with your wealth forecast for the new year, and find out what are your chances to strike it rich in year 2020.


zodiac mouse

Your finances will benefit from your hard work in year 2020, but do be wary of excessive expenditures. It would be wise to set a budget for yourself and to sort out your monetary priorities, such as necessary repayments and any other essentials. You would also do well to resist impulse purchases and to avoid incurring any additional debts. Take it easy on the investments and the casinos this year.


zodiac ox

Well, well, good news for those of you born in the year of the Ox. You can expect to enjoy various opportunities to grow your wealth, even beyond your usual monthly income. That said, watch out for your physical and mental health even as you strive hard for these opportunities. A full wallet means nothing if you find yourself burnt out and listless. It is also advisable for you to exercise caution when dabbling in any form of speculative investments.


zodiac tiger

Year 2020 looks to be a little shaky for those born in the year of the Tiger, financial-wise. Monetary loss seems to be a pretty prevalent risk throughout the year, and it’d be wise to be prudent about your expenditure. Keep a close eye on what you are spending on. You might also be able to mitigate loss by looking for alternate sources of income or by being flexible with your financial plans.


zodiac rabbit

Financial prosperity is very likely to be yours throughout year 2020, but you will need to practise diligence and adhere to professional ethical standards to earn it. It is also advisable to avoid high-risk investments in the upcoming year, although you could consider partaking in real estate portfolios or assets with growing value. Do so with caution and care, though.


zodiac dragon

Those of you born in the year of the Dragon may face a period of financial strife with significant losses this year. However, you could counter that by making fixed deposits and committing to savings plans to prevent further losses from occurring. You would do well to gain insights from experts as you strategise and carry out your financial plans. Additionally, it would also be wise to watch your spending to curb unnecessary expenses.


zodiac snake

Those born in the year of the Snake will have more opportunities to save and to spend more generously in 2020. That said, do not go overboard and always prioritise your financial obligations before splurging on impulse purchases. It’s also crucial that you keep an eye out for your assets and belongings, such as your credit cards, so as to avoid losses.


zodiac horse

Hard work and persistence are particularly crucial for those of you who seek to grow your wealth this year. You will also benefit from meticulous financial planning so as to avoid reckless investments. Additionally, be sure to check and cross-check before signing any contracts or agreements, ensuring that you do not lose money due to vague clauses, unread small prints, or pure carelessness on your part.


zodiac sheep

Those of you born in the year of the Sheep will have a largely prosperous year come 2020, save for the possibility of a minor wealth loss. This, however, can be averted with some caution and meticulous planning. Of more importance is the fact that you should adopt a more optimistic viewpoint when assessing your financial circumstances. This will help you recognise your blessings and fortune in the present, which could then open you up to better opportunities in the future.


zodiac monkey

You will likely benefit from a boost in wealth, but this will only come with the aid and support of other people. This could be in the form of investment recommendations from financial experts, financial security advice, or even professional endorsements. It is essential that you do not neglect to pay it forward, though.


zodiac rooster

Year 2020 would be a good year for you to consider diversifying your investments and portfolios for extra wealth opportunities. Do not merely limit yourself to your current ventures; you can afford to be moderately adventurous in seeking out new opportunities. That said, make sure to explore and enquire for more information before committing yourself to something. Research and seek out professional help along the way for the best results.


zodiac dog

Those born in the year of the Dog may have to stay vigilant throughout year 2020 as there is a constant risk of monetary loss. Aside from avoiding high-risk and hasty investments, make saving money your priority. You would also benefit from a solid financial backup plan. Best to stay modest in terms of your expenditure and to live within your means.


zodiac piggy boar

Year 2020 looks financially rewarding for you as job opportunities open up. However, most of these opportunities will likely be alternative sources of income, instead of something that you get from your day job. Don’t expect a windfall, though. If you properly employ your prospects in 2020, it will give you a modest but constant stream of fortune.


And there we have it. Good or bad, though, bear in mind that these are only predictions. Read them in good fun, and avoid relying on them completely for your wealth planning in year 2020. At the end of the day, nothing beats practising prudence and doing your own due diligence when it comes to setting your financial priorities or goals.

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