Chinese New Year 2021: Financial Predictions For Your Zodiac
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Chinese New Year is full of fun traditions and customs, and one of them is looking up how your new year is predicted to be based on your Chinese zodiac. In Chinese astrology, your zodiac is based on your year of birth, represented by one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Every lunar new year, feng shui masters and other experts in the field line up their predictions for each zodiac sign, covering areas like wealth, health, career, and relationships.

Let’s take a look at what financial predictions are in store for the different zodiac signs in this year of the Metal Ox.


Those born in the Year of the Rat seem to be set for moderately good wealth prospects in the upcoming year. Your income should be pretty good this year, with unexpected sources like literary or artistic creations possibly bringing in new financial profit. However, be on the lookout for unexpected expenses. Use this time to save money and keep your desire to spend under control. You may want to avoid high-risk investments like real estate.


It seems like the finances of the Ox in 2021 will be in relatively good shape, but this comes with several caveats. Hard work and patience will lead to good returns and significant achievements this year, as long as you don’t get carried away by excessive stubbornness. Do not act on impulse when it comes to financial decisions and be prepared for your income to possibly fall short of expectations. It is unadvisable to venture into high-risk investments and you should not lend money to others.


The predictions indicate that this is a good year for you to focus on long-term financial plans and pay careful attention to your expenses. Be ready to make small adjustments to your finances throughout the year and always plan before you spend. Similar to the Rat and the Ox, you should try to avoid big investments and be wary of fraudulent investments. However, you can look forward to more recognition this year, which could lead you to some extra profits.


On the outset, it looks like the Year of the Ox may not be the smoothest year for the Rabbit’s finances, given that both income and expenses are expected to be volatile and unpredictable. However, in terms of professional projects and activities, you will find that the year ahead will be an interesting one. There may be some risks to your source of income, but you can overcome this by adopting a cautious approach to your finances and avoiding risks like lending money to relatives or friends.


It seems like the Year of the Ox is a promising year for the Dragon career-wise, with the potential for new businesses and money-making ideas. Still, it is a good idea to re-organise your financial situation and focus on achieving better financial balance and improved accounting. Make sure to do your research before investing and avoid investing based on hearsay or speculation. You may suffer some financial loss, but you could also have some alternative income to make up for it.


If you are born in the Year of the Snake, you can look forward to some good luck in terms of finances in 2021. It is meant to be a good time for you to make long-term investments such as buying properties, precious metals, and so on – although of course you should research them beforehand. While you may be at the risk of some monetary loss this year, you can still rely on help from the people around you.


This is a great year for the Horse to learn investment related skills and technical analysis. However, make sure to start with low-risk investments and avoid making hasty or impulsive decisions when it comes to investment. You should also only take on meaningful debt this year; do not get trapped in debt and avoid overspending at all costs. Furthermore, working on your interpersonal skills and relationships will help enhance your opportunities.


During the Year of the Ox, it is predicted that the Goat may be faced with stagnant income growth, especially when it comes to business owners. However, you can avoid encountering any big financial crises by expanding your financial management skills this year. You should pay more attention to any important documents as loss of focus and negligence can lead to more financial losses. Stay away from risks like becoming someone’s guarantor or investing in high-risk products.


Those who work hard will see their efforts rewarded financially in the Year of the Ox and you will have good career prospects in your current endeavours. However, business owners should be more conservative in their expenditure and risk-taking. Be aware of burglaries and be mindful of the safety of your belongings this year. From the investment aspect, avoid speculative investments where possible.


2021 is the year of change for the Rooster, where sacrifices and hard work will be paid off in kind. You can look forward to some financial stability this year, and it would be good to make and stick to a financial plan each month. According to some predictions, this may be a good year for Rooster investors, although you have to be well-informed and stay away from greed.


It is good for those born in the Year of the Dog to exercise caution with finances this year. Observe your finances with great care and attention to avoid losing money and becoming indebted in 2021. You should be careful when signing documents and learn how to maintain the value of your wealth through financial planning. Save some money this year to prepare for future expenses and possible rainy days.


This year, you should make full use of your entrepreneurial spirit and talent for making money, alongside progressions in your career and income. If you have increased wealth this year, make sure to put it aside to save for the future. Do not overspend this year and do more research before making any investments – avoid taking risks unless you are absolutely certain and well-informed.


Of course, bear in mind that these are only zodiac predictions and that nothing is set in stone, especially during such uncertain times. Read these predictions for the year 2021 in good fun and remember that when it comes to your wealth, nothing beats good financial literacy and prudent financial planning!

(Adapted from Joey Yap,

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