CNY 2022: What’s The Financial Prediction For Your Chinese Zodiac This Year?
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In just one more night, Chinese New Year 2022 will be right upon us, and it’ll be time to bid farewell to the Metal Ox and usher in the Water Tiger. As the Chinese community prepares to step into the brand-new year, one of the favourite things to do – aside from receiving angpao and eating CNY delicacies, of course – is looking up predictions on how you’ll fare in the upcoming days based on your Chinese zodiac!

Generally, these predictions will cover key areas like health, career, wealth, and relationships. Here, we’ll share the financial forecasts that have been made for each zodiac sign in 2022, so read on to find out if you’ll be rolling in ong!


Those born in the Year of the Rat will have to work hard for their money, but they won’t be short of opportunities. With some creative and careful planning, you may even be able to build up multiple streams of income by tapping into existing skills or resources that you already have, such as starting an online store. That said, make sure to not spread yourself too thin in your pursuit of wealth. If you’re investing, do not succumb to overdiversification as it may quickly drain your resources and cause cash flow issues. You can resolve this by limiting yourself to selected investment instruments that you are familiar with.


The Ox will start the year financially strong, and things will only get better from there as you mingle with the right people and expand your network! Given this positive outlook, you may want to take this time to build up your savings. Other than that, maintain a good balance while investing and spending your money. The temptation to spend or invest more may set in as you enjoy better finances, so you’ll do well to avoid getting too greedy. Take loans only if necessary, and stay away from risks like becoming a guarantor for someone.


Individuals born in the Year of the Tiger will want to exercise extra caution in all financial matters as there is a high possibility of losing money this year. Take time to think things through before making any decisions related to money, and if you must invest, avoid high-risk instruments and keep the amount small. Focus on growing your savings instead so that you’ll always be prepared in the event of misfortunes. You may also be tempted to take shortcuts to quickly grow your income, but avoid from doing so as you may land yourself in lawsuits or end up with a bad name.


The Rabbit will be happy to know that this year is going to be a financially promising year for them, with plenty of profit to be made. If you’ve been thinking about diversifying your income or investment portfolio through various opportunities, this is a prime time to do so. You should also consider consulting a financial planner or an industry expert for better insights; they may be able to point out opportunities that you’ve missed, or open unexpected doors for you.


Good outlook for your finances this year, with your income likely to grow! This year is also a good time to invest if you wish to, or to start your own business if you’ve been thinking about doing it for some time. However, be careful not to get impatient when seeking earning opportunities; make sure to go through legal means for all processes, and keep black-and-white records instead of just relying on verbal promises. Otherwise, you may run the chance of being conned.


Your finances may be a little shaky this year as there is a chance of you experiencing some financial loss, with diminished income as well. As such, you may want to focus on building up your savings for emergencies, or making investments for long-term rewards instead. Perhaps you could look into how you have been managing your finances so far, and how you can rejig things for it to better serve your needs. Do also scrutinise your expenses, and cut down on any unnecessary expenditure. Otherwise, look for ways to save even as you spend on daily necessities, such as tapping into cashback and rebate promotions, as well as bulk purchase discounts.


Year 2022 will be extremely kind to the finances of those who are born in the Year of the Horse! Look into diversifying your investments, and do not be afraid to take advantage of money-making prospects that come your way – especially for business owners. However, you may want to steer away from risky and unfamiliar investments when considering your options. Finally, there is a likelihood that you may be blessed with unexpected windfall, but do not make a show of your wealth to avoid getting robbed.


The predictions forecast a very favourable year for the finances of the Goat, with your income likely to double – or grow even more! Your networking skills will come in extremely handy, as it’ll open doors to stable income and profitable opportunities. Take time to also look into wealth management and diversification of your investments, but do not be tempted by greed. Some investment instruments may offer larger profits, but they often also come with much greater risk – ask yourself if you are comfortable with shouldering that kind of risk.


Those born in the Year of the Monkey may encounter some threats of monetary loss, so you may want to keep a close eye on your investments this year, especially the high-risk ones. Whenever possible, consider cashing out after you’ve earned your expected profits so that you do not run the danger of losing everything at once. You may also be tempted to spend excessively; do your best to curb this urge, and channel some funds into your savings instead. Income-wise, you won’t see any significant increase, but it should be just enough to get you by comfortably – as long as you manage your finances carefully.


The Rooster can look forward to a relatively good financial year, especially since there’ll be an increase in earning opportunities. However, this does not mean that you can be extravagant in your expenses because careless spending will cause you to lose money swiftly. Be extra vigilant with your budget and avoid loaning money to people whenever possible. Adventurous Roosters who wish to try out new options – such as new forms of investments or a new business – may do so as the stars are in your favour, but make sure to keep yourself well informed at all times.


It seems like the finances of the Dog will be relatively stable for 2022, with your income being directly influenced by the amount of effort that you put in. So, the harder (or smarter) you work, the more you’ll earn. That said, there is the likelihood of having to foot some emergency bills before the year is out, so you may want to set aside some extra cash for rainy days. In the same line of thought, be prudent about your expenses as well, and only get things that you need.


Individuals born in the Year of the Boar will need to work particularly hard at financial management as there will be an increase in their expenses, in addition to cash flow problems – especially during the first half of the year. If you’re an investor, focus on long-term goals to help tide you through 2022, as short-term investments will very likely result in losses. You may also want to stick to low-risk investments so that you do not overextend yourself. If you are the type to prepare financial plans or strategies, make sure to also review them regularly so that you can make quick adjustments when necessary.


Of course, year 2022 may end up not being anything like what these predictions say; nothing is absolute, after all. But we do hope that you’ve had some fun while checking the forecast of your zodiac. We’d also like to take this opportunity to reiterate that when it comes to your wealth, don’t leave things to chance. Proper financial literacy and prudent financial management are both key to a healthy bank account. Other than that, here’s us at RinggitPlus wishing you a prosperous CNY!

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Kadir bin Omok
1 year ago

Harimau melambangkan keberanian, kemakmuran dan perpaduan bersesuaian dengan tahun 2022 tahun harimau yang terpilih dalam kelender tahun baru cina

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