Mastercard Debuts First-Ever Music Single “Merry Go Round”

Mastercard has released its first music single, “Merry Go Round”, as part of its latest sonic brand identity strategy.


Businesses have long recognised the value of sounds, jingles, and melodies in creating a successful brand identity and in bringing their marketing efforts to the next level. Mastercard certainly has as well, and is, in fact, bringing it to the next level by dropping its first-ever music single, Merry Go Round.

Sung by Swedish artist Nadine Randle, the song is a collaboration between Mastercard and songwriter and producer Niclas Molinder, who has also worked with various pop icons, including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Mary J. Blige. It is also Mastercard’s latest effort in sonic branding, where customers would be prompted to recall or recognise a brand through its association with certain sounds.

“Sound is our next frontier for brand expression and a powerful way for us to reach consumers through the passions that connect us all. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Nadine on Merry Go Round to integrate the recognisable sonic melody – underscoring the many ways that the branding can be used beyond traditional means,” said Mastercard chief marketing and communications officer, Raja Rajamannar.

raja rajamannar
(Image: AdWeek)

The “sonic melody” that Raja Rajamannar referred to is a collection of unique sounds that Mastercard hopes to use to drive people’s recognition of the brand through regular and repetitive use. Launched in 2019, it comprises three audio elements: the sonic logo, transaction sounds, and music tracks – all of which can be heard at more than 7.6 million payment touchpoints.

By integrating these recognisable audio elements into Merry Go Round, Mastercard wants listeners to develop an association between these sounds with its brand identity and values.

Aside from using it as a form of brand expression, the global payments company also wants to use the sonic melody as an audio reinforcement of payment security and authenticity. This is supported by a research conducted by Mastercard and GfK Global, where 77% of the respondents believed that the Mastercard sonic sound made the transaction and retail environment more worthy.

niclas molinder
(Image: Totally Örebro)

Molinder, who will be producing the remaining songs with other up-and-coming global artists, is also enthusiastic about Mastercard’s sonic branding strategy.

“The launch of this sonic-integrated song project is one-of-a-kind and signals the way that music and consumer consumption is changing. The recognisable sonic sound architecture has an incredible way of transcending genres and geographies, while continually evoking excitement through its expressive melody,” said Molinder.

merry go round cover
(Image: Forbes)

Merry Go Round is the first of 11 to 12 tracks in Priceless, an upcoming full-length album of original songs from Mastercard. All the tracks will also feature the specific sonic melody to tell a story that is relevant to the brand. As the album’s first song, Merry Go Round spins a tale about “a new beginning and fresh start enabled with Priceless possibility”, which plays on the tagline of Mastercard’s ongoing advertising campaign.

The single recently debuted at [email protected] (2020 Consumer Electronics Show), an event in partnership with iHeartRadio in Las Vegas. It will soon be available for download on your favourite music streaming services.

(Source: Variety, Forbes, Mastercard)


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