5 Personal Finance Pro Tips When Travelling Overseas
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The feeling of adventure and new experience is now possible with the reopening of international borders!

Whether it’s to neighbouring countries such as Thailand, The Philippines, and Singapore; or somewhere further like the Maldives or France – Malaysians can now fulfil their wanderlust with renewed excitement.  

But the frequent flyer in us has been dormant for quite some time. You may find yourself asking these questions: 

  • Where’s my passport? 
  • What’s the currency exchange rate? 
  • What do I pack? 

Apart from that, a few personal financial affairs would also need some thought, like your bills, credit cards, and even your budget. So, as a refresher before your next flight out, here are 5 personal finance tips to think about. 

Tip# 1 Use A Travel Credit Card

When travelling it’s always best to carry some local currency but for more benefits, a travel credit card allows you to rack up rewards, enjoy discounts, and earn miles as you spend locally and internationally. It’s also more secure and convenient as opposed to carrying around a large sum of cash. 

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Credit Cards from Maybank provide you with one of the most notable benefits of air mile rewards, air lounge access, and more. 

With up to 7,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles on your very first card spend, the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Platinum Credit Card gives you up to 50% savings on dining; up to 15% off on car rentals; 5x complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge globally every year; 4x complimentary access to golf clubs around the world; a complimentary Mr. & Mrs. Smith SilverSmith Membership; and the opportunity to earn KrisFlyer miles whenever you spend: 

  • 1 KrisFlyer mile for every RM1 spent on Singapore Airlines, Scoot & KrisShop website
  • 1 KrisFlyer mile for every RM2 spent on online and overseas transactions
  • 1 KrisFlyer mile for every RM 2.5 spent locally

Also, if you happen to miss your flight or lose your luggage, there’s always Travel Inconvenience coverage to reimburse the charges made to the card. A definite upgrade to your travel journeys!

Tip #2 Prepare For The Trip

It’s important to get adequate travel insurance prior to your departure to prepare for the unexpected. When you use your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Platinum Card from Maybank to purchase your plane tickets, you get to enjoy up to RM750,000 of complimentary travel insurance coverage.

What’s more? If you are making plans to make your trip more memorable, know that the new cards from Maybank also offer something for everyone – from complimentary green fees for golfers to savings on car rentals!

Another thing to note is that bills aren’t going to stop even if you’re on a great holiday, happily sipping coconut juice and devouring the most delectable food! To make sure you’re not charged for overdue payments and penalties, make it a point to make payments for essential services such as your water and electricity bills, credit cards, mortgages, and other credit facilities. It helps to know the fridge remains operating while you’re away!

Tip #3 Pack Important Documents

Apart from your passport, identity card, and driving license that you usually have on hand, an extra copy of these documents could help you in a myriad of ways, especially if you’re caught in unfortunate situations such as theft or loss. 

If you’ve unfortunately lost your passport while dining out, there are other official documents for the embassy to refer to, which in this case, may help to expedite the process of getting a new passport. It’s also handy when you’re in the process of renting a vehicle and they ask for identification because you could simply pass them a copy instead of handing them your identification. 

Not forgetting, most countries do require proof of vaccination as part of standard operating procedures, so it’s good to carry a few copies of your vaccination certificates just in case!

Tip #4 Create A Travel Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re having fun, which is why overspending when travelling can happen. To avoid this, have a projected estimate of the expenses for your entire trip. This can include flight tickets, hotels, food, car rental, recreational activities or discretionary items you’d like to shop for during the trip. 

There’s no need for a rigid budget when you’re enjoying your trip but a rough estimate helps a great deal, or better yet, increase your overseas travel spending limit on your credit card before your trip if you plan on purchasing big-ticket items.

Tip #5 Call Your Bank

Calling loved ones prior to boarding your flight? Don’t forget to call your bank too! Although most banks can see you’re travelling in a different country through your spending, it’s still good practice to notify them of your travel dates. 

This is so that your transactions aren’t suddenly blocked when you’re shopping or dining out. Banks may look at your spending and mark it as unusual for security reasons, so a fool-proof way of avoiding an embarrassing situation is to call your respective bank or, where possible notify through your bank’s app.  

Enjoy Limited-Time Offers With Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Credit Cards

Now that you’ve got your personal financial affairs in order, you can get up to RM300 cashback with a Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Platinum or Gold Card from now until 31 July 2022. 

Apply for a Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Platinum or Gold Card via Maybank2u, and start spending a minimum of RM300 within 45 days of approval. The first 200 customers who fulfil the spending criteria will be automatically awarded RM300 cashback, while the next 1,000 customers will be awarded RM200 cashback. 

Until 31 July 2022, customers can also stand a chance to win either 200,000 KrisFlyer miles, which is equivalent to a return trip from Kuala Lumpur to London on a Business Class flight or a TUMI Latitude Carry-on travel luggage bag. Simply, complete these two steps: 

  1. Spend a cumulative RM20,000 with your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Platinum or Gold Credit Card within the Campaign Period.
  1. SMS TUMI <space> the last 6-digits of NRIC/Passport Number to 66628. Example SMS: TUMI 123456


With KrisFlyer, you can earn and redeem miles on flights to more than 1,000 destinations worldwide on Singapore Airlines (including Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Australia and the United States), as well as from Scoot and over 30 other world-class partner carriers.

Bring along the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Platinum card, enjoy the opportunities to see new views, rejuvenate your taste buds, and earn more miles to experience the world again. For more information, head to Maybank’s website here.

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