Why The RHB Shell Visa Credit Card Is Your Everyday Spend Card
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Studies have shown that sticking to a daily routine can help relieve stress, improve sleep, and give ourselves a sense of accomplishment. A simple routine of having a cuppa coffee in the morning or making sure the children are fed before their nightly cartoon show, can help to promote both our physical and mental health through structure and organisation throughout our day. 

The RHB Shell Visa credit card is a card that could readily complement your daily routine. It is a credit card that offers cashback not only for your refuel trips at Shell but also on your everyday essentials, utility bills, e-wallets top-ups, online shopping and more.

Furthermore, RHB has just extended their launch offer which gives RHB Shell Visa credit cardholders up to 30% cashback of up to RM1,450 from now till 31 December 2021. In addition to that, new cardholders can get an extra activation and spend cashback of up to RM175 during this offer period.

Wondering how it works? Here’s a summary of how the RHB Shell Visa credit card can easily blend into your day. 

Fill Up On Cashback At Shell

One of the main things to do for the week is to refuel the car. For some of us who commute to work or constantly have errands to run, getting the car refuelled is an essential part of our lives. 

Depending on how much you spend a month on petrol, you can definitely earn some much-deserved cashback at your nearest Shell station. Cardholders who spend up to RM2,500 and above can earn 12% cashback, 8% cashback for those who spend RM1,500 and above, and 5% for expenditures of more than RM800. 

For a limited time only, cardholders can enjoy an additional 18% cashback on top of the evergreen cashback reward of up to 12% with a minimum spend of only RM50. This means RHB Shell Visa cardholders can enjoy up to 30% cashback whenever they fuel up at Shell till 31 December 2021! On top of that, during the campaign period, cardholders can also get to enjoy a complimentary RM5 Shell e-voucher on a first-come-first-served basis.

Enjoy Cashback Of Up To RM50 For e-Wallet Top Ups

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital finance, and today, our phones are now our wallets. We have become accustomed to paying for almost everything and anything with an e-wallet because of its convenience, besides it being a contactless payment method that is safer during this pandemic. 

By linking your RHB Shell Visa credit card to your mostly used e-wallet(s) for regular top-ups, you’d get to earn up to 5% cashback, capped at RM50 every month. 

Typically for e-wallets, there is the option to automatically top-up your credit balance once it goes below a certain threshold. Some e-wallet(s) reward users with points or vouchers for doing so. 

With your RHB Shell Visa credit card linked for automatic top-ups, you’d always get to enjoy reward points, vouchers, and cash back! The best part is that you won’t have to worry about having enough balance to have your favourite takeaway meal during lunch. 

Essential Evening Grocery Runs 

With most of us at home nowadays, weekly grocery runs are a must. Stocking up on fresh ingredients, household items, and toiletries for the family may take up an hour or two, especially if you are looking out for the best deals and discounts. 

With up to 5% cashback with the RHB Shell Visa credit card, you could potentially save more every month. Your monthly grocery cashback is valid for most grocery stores, supermarkets, bakeries, and even convenience stores. 

Easy Cashback For Utility Bills & E-Commerce Plus Other Features

Last but not least, why not opt for paying your utility bills with the RHB Shell Visa credit card and earn up to RM50 every month on cashback? 

You could use it to pay for monthly bills such as Astro, Celcom, Maxis, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, and more. Accumulated bill payments of more than RM800 are entitled to 1% cashback, 2% for more than RM1,500, and 5% for RM2,500 and above.  

If you’re looking to indulge in some online retail therapy, the RHB Shell Visa credit card also offers cardholders up to 5% cashback, capped at RM50 every month. 

It doesn’t end there, RHB Shell Visa credit cardholders also get to enjoy 0.2% cashback with an unlimited cap for all other retail spends.

Additionally, you’ll also get to enjoy 0% p.a. CashXcess or Smart Move Balance Transfer, exclusively to new RHB Credit Card applicants. Other features include an automatically activated VISA Ecommerce Purchase Protection, RHB Smart Instalment and an annual fee waiver for the first year.


Earning cash back rewards throughout your day could be easier with the RHB Shell Visa Credit Card. It’s a credit card that fits right into your essential spendings such as groceries, e-wallet top-ups, petrol, utilities, and even shopping. 

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