Nasi Lemak: how much would you pay for a taste of home?

The Malaysian staple: the nasi lemak: has travelled the world just like the people of the country. But the prices indicate that there is, no place like home.


Nasi Lemak: how much would you pay for a taste of home?

Come for the Nasi Lemak – stay for all the food in Malaysia

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What would you do without your nasi lemak? Luckily for most of us,
despite rising prices, we still have the option of heading to a nearby stall
and getting ‘the works’ below the RM5 mark. A small, humble, pack of nasi lemak bungkus can still be found
for as low as RM1.20.

Sure, some franchise restaurants operating
in shopping malls and affluent suburban areas offer their ‘own traditional
family-kept secret recipe’ nasi lemak
at premium prices of RM20 and above: but you know you can always fall back on
the smiling mak cik in your housing
area who wouldn’t think twice about giving you an extra dollop of sambal at no extra cost.

Sadly, for homesick Malaysians around the
globe: a taste of home will cost a pretty penny/dollar/ruble/peso… well you get
the idea.

Considered an ‘exotic’ dish (and we aren’t
disputing it!); only upper crust restaurants offer a good homestyle nasi lemak in big cities worldwide. Get
ready to fork out anywhere between RM26-RM45 for a decent nasi lemak in these cities:

With prices like those; you may swear off nasi lemak for as long as you’re there.
Or would you? How much would you pay for a taste of home?


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