Save Some Ringgits & The Environment By Renting A Laptop Instead
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Apart from the more commonly known ways of saving, such as automating your savings into another account, avoiding impulse purchases, and tracking your expenses, the truth is there are unconventional ways to save as well. 

Growing your vegetables on your balcony, cooking instead of ordering food deliveries, or even renting a laptop instead of forking out a huge chunk of your savings to buy one. 

For most of us, getting a laptop can be a very personal yet expensive process. We scout for the right device online and offline, compare specs, dwell on which one to buy for a few days, and then buy it a week later. Not forgetting the habitual “no” to the additional RM200 for a year’s technical support and service whilst promising yourself that you’ll never let anything happen to your brand new laptop. 

Rent The Right Device With Rentalworks 

As nice as it may seem to have a personal laptop that you can call your own, you could potentially save hundreds, or even thousands in the long run, by renting an equally capable pre-loved laptop from Rentalworks. 

With well-known brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer, Rentalworks provides an array of laptops that can serve both students and working professionals alike, starting at only RM89 a month. 

Who Exactly Is Rentalworks? 

Founded in 2007, Rentalworks is an IT Asset Lifecycle Management Service Provider. Taking a circular economy approach, they specialise in assisting businesses to finance, lease, maintain, and refresh IT devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other tech accessories through an environmentally sustainable model. At the end of every lease tenure, all IT devices are then processed and refurbished responsibly to a pre-loved status, where its lifecycle is extended and managed. After these IT devices have reached the end of their lifecycle, they will then be sent for recycling. 

Established in Malaysia with footprints in Singapore and Hong Kong, Rentalworks offers a variety of business solutions that include Short-Term and Long-Term Device Leasing, Device as a Service (DaaS), Asset Refresh, and Secure Data Sanitisation Service. 

With their expertise and experience, and a team of professionals from finance, IT, cybersecurity, and logistics backgrounds, they’re now offering their pre-loved laptop rental services directly to consumers. 

Packaged With Dedicated Technical Support

Sometimes, the unexpected does happen. The undeniable blue screen of death pops up, your battery doesn’t last for more than an hour, or the lag is just driving you crazy. In a normal situation, you’d be desperately googling how to fix your laptop or making the dreaded trip to the repair shop.

With Rentalworks, all devices are bundled with Rentalworks Premium Support which includes dedicated technical support and service, so you won’t have to go through all the trouble by yourself. May it be a hardware or software issue, with Rentalworks Premium Support, your rented device is covered. 

Flexible Tenures For Your Budget

If you’re a student with two or more years ahead of you, or at the starting point of your career, you may be prioritising staying thrifty for the first few years or months until you’re earning a substantial amount to purchase a personal laptop. 

Until then, renting a laptop with Rentalworks does allow you to improve your cash flow and focus on saving while staying on top of your work with a reliable laptop. With flexible tenures of 12, 18, and 24 months, you can get a laptop depending on your needs and your budget.

From a cost perspective, imagine that you’d only be spending RM89 a month for a high-quality Intel i5 5th Generation preloved laptop for either study or work, compared to purchasing a laptop that could deteriorate and lose its value quickly, this would make a viable option for those interested in a subscription model. Moreover, you can always have the option to switch to a different laptop model depending on your needs and budget. 


If you’re looking to maximise your savings this year in both conventional and unconventional ways, consider renting a laptop with Rentalworks. By looking at it as a subscription, renting a laptop of your choice from well-known brands, you’ll also be benefiting from bundled technical support and keeping your savings in check while supporting a circular economy for a better sustainable environment. For more information, head to Rentalwork’s website here!

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