Which is the Best Credit Card for Hypermarket Shopping? Tesco-RHB vs. Giant Citibank vs. AEON Credit Cards

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your credit card helped you save money on the shopping? Well, it can. Reading our review of the Tesco-RHB Credit Card, Giant-Citibank Credit Card, and AEON Credit Card could save you a fortune on your groceries.


Which is the Best Credit Card for Hypermarket Shopping? Tesco-RHB vs. Giant Citibank vs. AEON Credit Cards

You’re at your favourite local hypermarket at least once a week and you can end up spending hundreds of ringgit every time. Wouldn’t it be great if your credit card helped you save money on all this shopping?

Well you’re in luck because the RinggitPlus team is going to review and compare the Tesco-RHB Credit Card, Giant-Citibank Credit Card and AEON Credit Card.

Tesco-RHB Credit Card

This RHB credit card offers a one-two punch of cashback rebates and Clubcard Points. You get 2% cashback rebates every day at Tesco apart from the last weekend of the month when you get a 5%. What’s more, you also get one Clubcard Point for every RM2 that you spend! Now that’s a great way to really pile on the points. Every Clubcard Point is worth 1 sen or 0.5% in cashback rebates.

One important fact to note is that the cashback rebates of this RHB credit card are only calculated on 40% of your total monthly spend. So if you want to enjoy the full 2% and 5% rebates at Tesco you need to make sure 60% of your monthly card spending is done elsewhere. Rebate is capped at RM50 per month.

Giant-Citibank Credit Card

This collaboration has given us a Citi credit card with some great benefits. For starters, you get cashback rebates at Giant as well as on selected dining and utilities merchants. If your total monthly spend with this Citi credit card is less than RM800, you enjoy 2.5% rebates at Giant and 1% on dining and utilities. Spend more than RM800 and you get 5% at Giant and 2% on dining and utilities.

The maximum monthly spend at Giant eligible for the rebate is capped at RM400 and RM600 if you spend less or more than RM800 respectively. Also, you can only earn up to RM600 of rebates per year with this Citi credit card, which averages to RM50 per month.

AEON Credit Card

Unlike the Tesco-RHB and Giant-Citibank credit cards, the AEON credit card doesn’t give you any cashback rebates. Then, how can this AEON credit card benefits you? You’ll get 2x AEON MEMBER Points for every RM1 you spend at any AEON or Max Valu store instead. For all non-AEON spending you will earn one point per RM2 of spending. On certain special occasions you may earn double or even triple AEON MEMBER Points.

What are the AEON MEMBER points worth? Well once you have 2,500 points (RM1,250 of spending at AEON), you may exchange it for a RM20 voucher. This means the AEON MEMBER points are equivalent to 1.6% in cashback rebates.

There are no caps on the number of points you can earn and no limits on AEON vs. non-AEON spending. The only extra fee you should be aware of is the RM24 for three years of AEON membership.

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So Which Hypermarket Credit Card is Best?

The Tesco-RHB and Giant Citibank cards provide more value back in cashback and point rebates compared to the AEON credit card. You would need to spend over RM3,000 at AEON to earn RM50 in rebates compared to RM1,000 – RM2,000 on the RHB and Citibank credit cards. However, the AEON credit card enjoys more special offers and bonuses for shopping at AEON compared to the other credit cards.

It is pretty tough to choose between the Tesco-RHB and Giant Citibank credit cards. Both have similar rebates, the same monthly caps and similar caps on hypermarket rebates. When it comes to non-hypermarket spending, the RHB card offers slightly less value (0.5% in points) compared to Citibank’s 1%-2%. However, RHB has no restrictions while Citibank’s rebates are only for “selected dining and utilities”.

Overall there is not a lot of difference between these three cards. The best thing to do is pick the card that matches your regular hypermarket and start saving today!


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