Income Tax e-Filing For 2020 Starts Today
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You can begin filing your income tax returns form for the year of assessment (YA) 2020 from today 1 March 2021. This covers the submission of forms E, BE, B, M, BT, MT, TF, and TP via e-Filing on the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) official website.

The deadline for filing your income tax returns in Malaysia is 15 May 2021 via e-Filing and 30 April 2021 for manual filing, for resident individuals who do not carry on a business (form BE). As for resident individuals who carry on a business (form B), you have until 15 July 2021 via e-Filing and until 30 June 2021 for manual filing. For the full list of deadlines for income tax filing, you can refer to the LHDN’s schedule here.

First-time taxpayers will require a PIN in order to file their income tax forms and this can be obtained at LHDN branches or by filling in the feedback form on the LHDN website. For further enquiries, you can contact the LHDN on the Hasil Care Line at 03-8911 1000 / 603-8911 1100 (overseas) or fill in an online feedback form.

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