EPF Warns Members Of Fake i-Sinar Apps

(Image: Astro Awani)

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has raised an alert on several fake apps that are preying on members who are seeking for more information on the i-Sinar programme.

In its Facebook post, the provident fund highlighted four such mobile apps as examples, with one going by the name of MyFund, and the other three as just i-Sinar Online. Subsequently, local tech portal, Lowyat.NET reported that with the exception of MyFund, all the other mobile apps listed by EPF have been removed from Google Play. Even at this point of writing, MyFund is still available for download on the Android digital distribution platform.

The EPF further clarified that it has not appointed any third parties to manage its members’ EPF withdrawals. Additionally, no mobile apps have been developed to request for members’ details with regard to applications for the i-Sinar programme.

(Image: Bernama)

For context, the i-Sinar programme is a facility that allows eligible members to take out an advance from their Akaun 1 so that they can weather through the current financial crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the EPF’s latest communication about the programme, it said that full details on the facility’s eligibility and terms and conditions will be released soon, although the provident fund did not specify a date.

The provident fund’s Facebook post also reminded members that they can download the i-Akaun mobile app for their EPF needs. The official app allows for faster and easier access to your EPF account, enabling you to check for details such as your account summary, contribution history, withdrawal eligibility, as well as the latest information and FAQs. On top of that, members should also only refer to the EPF’s official website and social media for accurate information.

With such a scam – as well as various other EPF frauds – cropping up, do stay alert to avoid becoming a victim!

(Source: EPF, Lowyat.NET)

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