How To Apply For The Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) Aid
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*Editor’s Note: Looking for information on the new Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN 2.0) aid? Our latest guide on BPN 2.0 can be found here.

Last week, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the government will be giving out Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) financial aid to B40 and M40 Malaysians. The Ministry of Finance has since provided some further clarification on how the one-off payment will be disbursed.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the BPN aid and how to obtain it.

Am I eligible for Bantuan Prihatin Nasional?

According to LHDN, Malaysians will be notified via SMS or email regarding their eligibility for the BPN financial aid, starting in stages from 1 April. If you have received that SMS or email, you do not need to carry out any further checks regarding your eligibility with LHDN.

The BPN aid is offered to these eligible categories below:

Eligible category Amount of cash aid Expected recipients Payment schedule
Households earning RM4,000 and below


RM1,600 Up to 4 million households Payment of RM1,000 in April and RM600 in May
Households earning RM4,001 – RM8,000 RM1,000 Up to 1.1 million households Payment of RM500 in April and RM500 in May
Single individuals aged 21 years and above earning RM2,000 and below RM800 Up to 3 million individuals Payment of RM500 in April and RM300 in May
Single individuals aged 21 years and above earning RM2,001 to RM4,000 RM500 Up to 400,000 individuals Payment of RM250 in April and RM250 in May

If you are uncertain about your eligibility status for the BPN aid, you can check your status online on the LHDN website.

How do I apply for Bantuan Prihatin Nasional?

Those who are recipients of the Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) aid do not need to apply as they already on the BSH database. Similarly, registered taxpayers with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) also do not need to make any application as they are already on the LHDN taxpayers database. As mentioned above, you will be notified by LHDN if you are eligible and you do not need to take any further action. 

However, if you are not registered with BSH or LHDN, you can make a new application on the official LHDN website between 1 April and 30 April 2020. If you meet the eligibility criteria but are not marked as eligible on the website check, you can make an online appeal between 3 April and 30 April 2020 – also on the LHDN website.

How will I get my Bantuan Prihatin Nasional payment?

The BPN payments will be made to eligible recipients through direct deposit into their bank accounts. For those in the B40 category who are also Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) recipients, the payment will be automatically made into the bank account that is currently registered in the BSH database. Likewise, eligible M40 recipients who are on the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) taxpayers’ database will also receive their BPN payments directly into their registered bank accounts.

The BPN payments will be carried out in two parts – one in April and one in May 2020. However, those who need to make new applications will receive their payment in one go during the month of May upon approval.


The Ministry of Finance also warned the public to be wary of falling victim to scams related to the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional aid payments. The public is encouraged to contact the Ministry of Finance or LHDN through their official hotlines for any further enquiries.

You can reach the Ministry of Finance between 9am – 5pm on Sundays to Fridays at 03-8882 9089/03-8882 9087/03-8882 9191/03-8882 4565/03-8882 4566. You can contact LHDN during the same operating hours at 1-800 882 747 or 03-8911 1000.

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Seshi@Santha a/p S Ramanathan
3 years ago

I have two brothers who are single and OKU. I would like to apply for aid under the Bantuan Prihatin Scheme

Lian Siew Keng
3 years ago

My brother applied for BSH, his income per month is RM3,100.
somehow he was not eligible for BSH.
Is he eligible for the BPN ?

Loqman Hakeem
3 years ago

What about single individuals who was born i 1999 but not yet reach their birthdays…ie: One was born in May or September…or after April 1999? Are they eligible too?
Thank You.

3 years ago

Hi How do I register & apply for BPN? I retired last year, 2019, and filed an income tax return showing that i had NO income and my wife is a full time housewife too, with no income. Is my household therefore eligible for this BPN as we have never registered with LHDN for any aid before. Thank you

Lim Sew Pin
3 years ago

I cannot find where to apply BPN online even I have login to

Chiew Wai Cheng
3 years ago

I was a BRim applicant but for 2 years LHDN has denied my application stating that I am registered with SSM for 2 counts.
I have gone to LDHN to verify but fall to deaf ears. This year LDHN deny my application again
Should I re- register?

Ooi Gaik Wah
3 years ago

Understand that the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional is open for registration on 1st April 2020. At the moment a lot of people try to log into but unable to get connection. Any dead line? Please advise.

Dr Sharifa Abdul Aziz
3 years ago

I am a part time lecturer in fpsk,USIM getting about RM 1000-1500 per month this year. Am i eligible for BPN.

Hoong Chee Wong
3 years ago

How to register that some totally poor and not educated

Lilian Suk Yee Liew
3 years ago

I am jobless and single. Which category shall I apply?

3 years ago

hi , how apply Bantuan Prihatin Nasional ?

Lian Siew Keng
3 years ago

Yr2018, my hsehold exceed 4k, yr 2019 I retired in May. is my husband income RM2,700. Is eligible for PRIHATIN

3 years ago

how to apply for the new application for BPN

Emily teng
3 years ago

Can a bankruptcy apply Bantuan Prihatin Nasional

Chow Yoong
3 years ago

No registered bank account with income tax dept. Can i get my payment ? How? Pls advise. Asking on behalf of my husband. Tqvm

3 years ago

my wife and my monthly income is about rm 6 000.can I apply? I got problem of filling ” STATUS PERKHAWIN SEKARANG. When I filled in the date,month and year when I register ,eg. 03/01/1974, it ia wrong.

3 years ago

my daughter is 20yrs old working while waiting for entry into public u. she is not eligible for the rm120 in bsh because she is above 18yrs and she is not eligible for the rm800 bpn because she is under 21yrs . this isn’t fair right? why is this category left out?

Lim Li Seng
3 years ago

i want to do new aply register for bpn how to do it

Eswaran a/l Subramanian
3 years ago

my salary 3,000.00 and married I have three children who are not able to help if i can get help

3 years ago

I have brother who works at kampung and without bank account how apply BPN ? If apply via online required bank details.can anyone advice.

Bong liuk chian
3 years ago

What about oku,,

3 years ago

salam.saya cuba daftar tapi akan reject kerana alasan disitu pasangan telah digunakan oleh pemohonan lain .macmana ya..suami xde mohon pun

3 years ago

My husband is a pensioner getting below 4K. I retired on 30 March 2019. Currently not in an employment. I received an sms stating that I am eligible for “keseluruhan RM1000”. As my husband & I are in the below 4K category, shouldn’t I be eligible for RM1,600/-?

Banooprriya veejeyahshegarun
3 years ago

I check my status and it says lulus but I want to check and change my account number as I’m not using the previous account number do I do this ?
Thank you

3 years ago


3 years ago

Hye there….can i reapply the BPN becouse the name are type in wrongly…

Krishna Moorthy A/L Nookannah
3 years ago

Hello, I loss my job due to company downsizing headcount last year March 2019. From Jan 2019 to March 2019 BCP was deducted. My VSS I received after deducting tax. Since then I am jobless from April 2019. When I checked the system, it shows both myself and my wife not entitled due to pay above RM8K. But I am jobless since April 2019. Am I nor my wife entitle for PRIHATIN?

Devi d/o Kuttappan Nair
3 years ago

I am eligible for the category ‘Pendapatan Isi Rumah RM4000.00 ke bawah.
When i checked my eligibility it shows RM500.00.

3 years ago

I am a taxi driver, how do l apply ? So far all my fellow taxi mates are in the dark as nothing has bee says about us. Thank you

3 years ago

hi…I m working as a tutor…and am paying Incomtax…my income is rm4k…so i taught am entitled fr BPH rm1000…but when checked TAK LULUS…May i know Why?? and now as a tutor am not getting any income!..pls advice..tq

3 years ago

I have applied for BPN 2 weeks ago. When I click the “SEMAK” it shows Borang di Terima. Kemasmini permohonan, 5 times I went through the application and updated. Now the message still appearing. For your information
I am a pensioner getting RM1200 per month. Wife not working. I am also a Bankrupt because I was a guarantor for other people who is already dead in 2013.
Why is it I am not getting. I also applied for BRIM. Also rejected. I am really disappointed. INI KAH CARA KERAJAAN HAMPAKAN RAKYAT.
Please help to on this

Nicholas Thien
3 years ago

Last year i applied for bsh. I put my wife bank account no. Now bpn cannot be credited. I check lhdnm web and my account is correct. Cannot change any bank details in bpn web. Why this system cannot update. The bpn follow bsh details but not lhdnm web. Should look into discrepancies in both systems

CT Chua
3 years ago

I would like to find out if I am eligible for BPN.
I am 73 years old. single (bachelor), living alone.
I am a pensioner getting about RM6000 a month. I do not have any other source of income.
As I have not been working for several years now, I have not submitted any income tax assessment for the period.

Thara Arni
3 years ago

Hi There,
My BPN was approved. But I have received the amount due to wrong account number. May I know how to update the account number. When I tried from the BPan portal, there is no options to update details. Could you please help me?

Kim Foon
3 years ago

my brother 39 years . His work only RM1800 base on cash . So he did not have the bank account number and his is the new member how he need do and how i need help him . Please revert and now he did not working how .

Jacie Tan
3 years ago
Reply to  Kim Foon

Those without bank accounts will receive their aid in cash at BSN.

Helena Cheah
3 years ago

is non malaysian entitle tp BPN eventhough they pay tax in Malaysia for their Malaysia company?

Alice Lee
3 years ago

With regards to Bantuan Prihatin Nasional govenment will deposit the money direrctly into individual bank account so what happen to those whom do not have any bank account, what should they do in order to get the payment, how to apply anyone can advice about the procedures ?

lee thye lok
3 years ago

how to apply for BPN retired in 2015

Roy Lee
3 years ago

I have yet to receive mine

rizal pascual bin abdullah
3 years ago

how do i know if payment is made into my bank account

3 years ago

I would like to appeal Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) aid Scheme. Im married woman with a daughter and not being working since Jun 2016. I declared my income tax separately and NO INCOME since then. I have no business company what so ever set up. But I was rejected BPN because feedback stated from BPN that the spouse owns company based on applicant agency data. The company not owned by me or the spouse is a separate entity. The company was closed down more than 10 years ago with total lost and the company owned by another director Gary Gan… Read more »

3 years ago

my status for BPN is lulus but i cant update my bank account and i didnt get any sms. what should i do?

3 years ago

I dapat duit perihatin fasa 1 saje..fasa 2 belum masuk …kenapa

Shalini Cweet
3 years ago

Hi my husband get salary RM 2000-3000 but he get BPN AMOUNT PAYMENT is RM1000. Why never get RM 1600. 10q

zurina jasbeer binti abdullah
3 years ago

how do i apply for bpn prihatin , i try to download foam but can’t download please help , my first to fillup the foam thank you.

bibi surjit kaur
3 years ago

i am unemployed. can i get the bantuan prihatin nasional. i am 62 years. my husband is drawing pencen below RM 800 a month. TQ

my bro is also not working . can he also get the funds. his age is 58 years

rosdi bin dali
3 years ago

to much long time not apply so any body can help me … i singgle status dudah bercerai umur 43 help me plz

3 years ago

Hi, anyone know how to apply bantuan prihatin national ? I thought its auto enrol. can i visit their office or email them ?

Teoh Ho Keat
2 years ago

Salary low cant maintain all the expenses

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