KPDNHEP: Price Of Covid-19 Self-Test Kits To Be Further Reduced Before School Session Begins
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Deputy minister of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP), Datuk Rosol Wahid has said that the price of Covid-19 self-test kits will be further reduced by the end of September, before school sessions are set to begin. This is to ensure that it is more affordable for parents can carry out screening tests before their children begin schooling on 3 October 2021.

According to the deputy minister, the latest price will be confirmed and announced soon. “Its sales will not be limited to pharmacies and clinics as it is now, but will be expanded to other business premises such as hypermarkets and mini markets. This will make it easier for the people because not only is the price cheaper, but it is also easily available,” he said, adding that the amount will be even more affordable than the current price.

Earlier this month, the government had fixed the maximum retail price for Covid-19 self-test kits at RM19.90 per set, and the wholesale price at RM16. Following the announcement, pharmacies and retailers were given a one-week grace period to comply with the ceiling prices, although several online pharmacies also reduced prices ahead of the actual compliance date.

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“Although the current price is considered cheap, [it] is quite high for parents, especially those whose children are still in school. A family of five children would need RM100 to buy the self-test kits and the new price will not be burdening, and the important thing is to carry out the test to ensure their children are healthy before returning to school,” Datuk Rosol further said.

Datuk Rosol also commented that KPDNHEP had met with representatives of several pharmaceutical operators’ associations to discuss this further reduction in price for the test kits, and they had agreed to the government’s recommendation.

(Source: Malay Mail)

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