MySalam Scheme Includes Coverage For Novel Coronavirus As Well

ministry of finance
(Image: Malay Mail)
ministry of finance
(Image: Malay Mail)

Malaysians who are eligible for the mySalam National Health Protection Scheme will also receive coverage for infections of the novel coronavirus, said an official from the .

According to the official, those infected are entitled to the existing mySalam scheme benefit where they can claim a hospitalisation income replacement of RM50 per day, for up to 14 days.

Additionally, the patients’ coverage under the mySalam scheme also lets them submit claims for a one-off critical illness payment if their condition develops complications due to the virus. Through this benefit, Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) recipients will be able to receive a payout of RM8,000, whereas non-BSH recipients will get RM4,000.

(Image: Bernama)

This comes following the recent launch of the extended mySalam scheme, which sees its coverage being increased from 36 critical illnesses to 45, including polio. It will also now cover eligible recipients until the age of 65 instead of the previous 55, as well as single and disabled Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) beneficiaries. Those from the M40 group with an annual gross income of RM100,000 and below, too, will receive protection under the extended scheme.

The extended scheme is expected to benefit up to 8 million Malaysians.

(Source: Bernama)

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