PM: Government To Make Cashless Payments The Preferred Payment Option By 2022
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Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has said that the government will aim to go cashless by 2022 during the virtual launch of the Malaysia Digital Economy (MyDigital) blueprint today. The blueprint – which will guide the growth trajectory of Malaysia’s digital economy – spells out the efforts and initiatives required for the development.

As one of the numerous initiatives forwarded in the blueprint, Tan Sri Muhyiddin said that all government ministries and agencies will soon provide cashless payment options for the convenience of the people. “The public sector will strive to make cashless payments as the preferred payment option come year 2022,” he said during his speech.

Malaysians have been increasingly growing in favour of digital payments since 2019, but the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the adoption of cashless transactions, along with the acceptance of digital technology. “The role of digital technology has been evident since a year ago when Covid-19 challenged the people’s ability to continue life as usual. It has never been clearer that technology is a convenient tool for advancement in the best of times, and an essential tool of survival during the most challenging of crises,” Tan Sri Muhyiddin further emphasised.

Meanwhile, with regard to the MyDigital blueprint, Tan Sri Muhyiddin said that it comprises of action plans that adopt a whole-of-nation approach to complement the 12th Malaysia Plan and the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030. Additionally, it will be executed in three phases, slated to be accomplished by 2030.

“It [the blueprint] include ideas and plans to improve digital literacy, create high-income employment opportunities, make banking finance business easier and more organised, provide virtual educational access to children in the country, and bring medical facilities to remote towns. It also serves as a digital transformation direction plan that is able to drive the business sector to compete on the global arena by enhancing expediency and efficiency of their operations,” said the prime minister.

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