Motorcycles vs Cars: Which is the Better Choice?

Need your own transport but still can’t decide between a car or a motorcycle? We’re comparing the two to help you make the ‘ride’ choice!


We all have our own ideas about which of these two vehicles is the safer and more economical option – but let’s put them to a test! Here’s a quick look at the costs and safety features of the most inexpensive car and motorcycle listed on a popular car comparison site:

Motorcycles vs Cars: Which is the Better Choice?

Table 1: Motorcycle vs Car
Motorcycle Car
Model Demak EX-90 Axia 1.0 Standard E-Manual
Price RM2,621 RM24,437.16
Safety Features Pass Switch Airbags
Safety Issues No traction control No anti-lock braking system No stability control No leg guards No anti-lock braking system
Maintenance RM366.50* RM777.40
Passenger Carriage 2 persons 5 persons
Petrol Consumption 69.8km/L* 21.6km/L
License Renewal per Year RM20 RM30
License Course Fee** RM650 RM2,200
Road Tax RM20 RM20
Insurance (without NCD) RM160.67 RM883.16
*Actual maintenance costs and petrol consumption stats for the specified models were not available, thus the cost stated in the table is based on general service and maintenance calculations for one year. The petrol consumption is based on a motorcycle with similar specifications.
**Course fee for licenses may vary based on the driving institute.

What the Table Tells Us

1. Cost: It is obvious that a motorcycle is a much more cost- efficient purchase compared to a car. This should hold true across various brands and models of moped motorcycles unless you’re looking to buy a superbike or a Harley Davidson. Even the cheapest car costs almost 10 times more than a brand new, typical motorcycle.

You’ll also notice that a motorcycle’s fuel consumption is considerably more efficient, as are its other costs such as insurance, license course fees and maintenance.

2. Safety: The motorcycle we are comparing has almost zero safety features, while the car comes with two airbags at the very least. A 2013 study revealed that motorcycle accidents accounted for 60% of all road traumas and that motorcyclists are an extremely vulnerable road user group.

Other Factors to Think About

### Carrying Capacity

Another major difference between a car and a motorcycle is how much you can carry in them. Part of transportation is also transporting items with you, and with a motorcycle, you just can’t carry too much along. Driving a car also means being able to drive at least three other passengers around compared to just one pillion rider if you opt for a motorcycle.


There is also the issue of being comfortable in your vehicle of choice. While riding a motorcycle is not that painful for short stretches, it can get tiring for long distance travels, especially those that are longer than a few hours. Driving a motorcycle in the rain is also another challenge, for even in the safest road conditions, traveling with 80% of your body pelted with water can’t be comfortable for anybody.


Depending on where and how you travel, being able to move your vehicle nimbly might be another important thing to think about. If your commute is toll-heavy but not long distance, and parking is tricky, a motorcycle might benefit you more. You can park it easier and you don’t have to worry about tolls.

Which Should You Choose?

On the one hand, motorcycles are fuel-efficient and convenient as well as affordable to purchase and maintain. In addition, learner licenses are cheaper and most highways don’t charge toll fees for motorcyclists. But even though cars are more expensive, they are typically the safer option, all things considered.

Still, that doesn’t mean that cars are infallible. A study revealed that poor driver behavior is one of the most
important indicators of accidents. Thus whichever decision you make, remember to drive or ride safe at all times.

But your choice isn’t limited to a new car or a new bike; there is another option – a used car. While the maintenance and related costs to drive will remain higher than that of a motorcycle, a second-hand car is much cheaper to purchase.

If you don’t have the cash to buy brand new or second-hand, financing is often available to help you make the purchase. To find an auto loan with the most affordable rates, do check out our comparison page.


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