3 Things You Didn’t Know Travel Protection Can Cover
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Did you know that travel protection can cover you for a variety of things? Sure, you probably know that travel protection is useful when you encounter medical emergencies, flight delays, and so on. But there is more to travel protection than just that! Travel protection plans can come with some pretty interesting benefits that you may not have heard about.

Here are three things you may not have known travel protection can cover you for.

1) Home Protection

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One of the best parts about going on a vacation is the blissful feeling of leaving all your worries behind. However, sometimes it is difficult to do that when you are stressing out over things like the safety of your home while you are away. How can you concentrate on feeling relaxed on your beach holiday if you’re so worried over your belongings at home?

You can overcome this issue by looking for travel protection coverage that offers a benefit that will safeguard your home. Under this benefit, your travel protection could cover damage to your home and contents as a result of fire or forcible theft.

2)  Stolen Cash And Credit Cards


Thieves and pickpockets are always a valid concern especially when you visit crowded tourist hotspots. To get maximum peace of mind, opt for a travel protection plan that covers you in the event that your money or credit card is stolen from you.

If your cash or credit card gets stolen while you are on holiday, make sure to report it to the authorities or credit card company within the stipulated time frame. Then, your travel protection can cover you for the value of cash stolen or any fraudulent transactions from your credit card up to the agreed amount in your benefits.

3) Follow-Up Treatment Expenses

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It’s quite normal for most travel protection to cover you for treatment in the case of a medical emergency overseas. Interestingly, some travel protection plans also cover you for follow-up treatment in Malaysia after your trip ends as an added benefit.

Let’s say you need additional medical attention once you are home after receiving treatment overseas. Or perhaps you prefer to return to Malaysia and seek treatment for any injury or sickness you developed while on your travels. If your plan allows you to have follow-up treatment in Malaysia, rest easy – you won’t be excluded from coverage just because you are home now and are no longer on your trip.

Get Comprehensive Coverage With MHinsure By Malaysia Airlines


Looking for a travel protection plan that can give you all these benefits? Well, choose MHinsure Travel Protection for your next trip! You can enjoy the home protection benefit for up to RM3,000, be covered for theft of cash for up to RM800, claim for loss of credit card or fraudulent use of credit card up to RM5,000, and get follow-up treatment in Malaysia for up to RM10,000 within 10 days.

MHinsure comes with an affordable price tag, too, with the premium or contribution for the MHinsure international plan starting from as low as RM6.60 per day. You can choose from The Premier Plan for all-inclusive cover that includes the widest range of benefits, The Basic Plan for just the essentials, or The Value Plan for the best of both worlds!


Moreover, you can earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM1 you spend on MHinsure’s Annual Travel Protection plan. And last but certainly not least, Malaysia Airlines is the only airline in Malaysia which offers Sharia-compliant travel protection as you can get MHinsure Travel Takaful plans too.

Whether you are flying domestically or internationally, check out MHinsure by Malaysia Airlines for your travel protection needs today.

*Terms and conditions apply.
* MHinsure Travel Insurance is underwritten by Etiqa General Insurance Berhad (9557-T) (Licensed under Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia) with assistance provided by Cover-More.
* MHinsure Travel Takaful is underwritten by Etiqa General Takaful Berhad (1239197-A) (Licensed under Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia) with assistance provided by Cover-More.

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