Astro Business Offers More Value With An Entertainment Package For F&B Businesses To Get Things Going Post-MCO
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When the pandemic first took hold of Malaysia in March 2020, everything was put to a halt and many businesses were affected, especially the F&B industry. Almost a year later, today, even though restrictions have eased up a little and we’re allowed to get back into our routine like dining out, things are not the same as they were pre Covid-19. 

Some Malaysians may still be uncertain about stepping out, while others are delighted to catch up with their friends and family at cafes and local eateries. To entice more customers, many dining establishments have been handing out discounts and vouchers but that may not be feasible in the long run. So aside from dishing out discounts post-MCO to attract customers, what are other ways to add value to your customers’ experience?  

One way you can be ready to welcome customers back into your outlet is by creating a good atmosphere with crowd-drawing entertainment such as the Live Sports Euro, the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, and the biggest box office hits. From live football matches to Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters, these are programmes that will bring everyone together with laughter and enjoyment when dining out with family and friends.

To support businesses that are trying to attract more footfall post-MCO, Astro is offering a special price for its Flexi Plan for commercial uses for a limited time only. Here’s what you’ll get when you subscribe to the New Flexi Plan for your F&B establishment.

Switch Up The Mood With One Click


Be it mellow tunes in the background or an exciting match on the screen, there’s no easier and more flexible way to change your establishment’s ambience than by using media entertainment. The combination of visual and sound is just perfect for getting everyone at your cafe or restaurant to be in a fun and positive mood. 

After a day’s work or attending college classes, Malaysians are famous for chilling and hanging out with friends with a “yum cha” session at their favourite mamak stall or dining spot — but they’re not there just for the company or food. They go to experience the rush of excitement listening to the cheering and jeering of fans by watching live sports events or the latest movie or drama that brings crowds together. Alternatively, if you’re going for a quiet ambience, you can always change the mood by featuring programmes like international news or documentaries to cater to different crowds. 

It’s this ease of flexibility to switch between channels (and the ambience) that makes Astro Business’ New Flexi Plan a favourite choice among F&B establishments. All the programmes in the New Flexi Plan are 100% legal programmes and feature different genres from exclusive live sports events to favourite local programmes and international news in HD.

If you’re already an Astro Business subscriber, you can upgrade to the New Flexi Plan and enjoy extra perks such as free up to RM1,500 worth of GO SHOP vouchers. By signing up for this plan, Astro Business will be offering you the flexibility to choose a plan and customize your selection of channels from a wide menu consisting of local and international entertainment programmes to suit your business needs.

With the New Flexi Plan, you can choose the pack that best suits your business: 


Astro Business’ New Flexi 2.0 Plan

Choose from:

Standard Sports Pack – 24 channels

(Most Popular)


  • 10 Starter Channels
  • 4 Sports Channels
  • 9 Classic Channels
  • 1 Prime Channel
  • FREE RM400 GO SHOP Voucher

Promotion price:

Only RM359/month

Premium Pack – 32 channels


  • 10 Starter Channels
  • 7 Sports Channels
  • 12 Classic Channels
  • 3 Prime Channels
  • FREE RM700 GO SHOP Voucher & FREE 1x multiroom

Promotion price:

Only RM599/month

Elite Pack – 45 channels


  • 10 Starter Channels
  • 13 Sports Channels
  • 17 Classic Channels
  • 5 Prime Channels
  • FREE RM1,500 GO SHOP Voucher & FREE 2x multiroom

Promotion price:

Only RM1,159/month

Sign-up Bonuses You Can’t Say No To! 

While the Astro Business’ New Flexi Plan keeps your customer entertained, it also gives you, the business owner, sign-up bonuses such as GO SHOP vouchers and 15% advertising discounts. With the vouchers, you can redeem TVs, office gadgets and/or any items listed on Astro GO SHOP.

More Variety, More Value with Multiroom

With Multiroom, you can show different content on different TV screens to cater to different groups of customers. For example, you can have one TV screen showing a soccer game and another TV showing a golf game or a Formula 1 race. With each of the new Flexi Pack, you can get up to four Multiroom boxes at an affordable price of RM100 a month per box. Enjoy FREE Multiroom when you sign up for the Premium or Elite Flexi Pack!


Now that restrictions are easing up, things are slowly returning to normalcy and people can get back to their routine. It’s these little things in life that count now and allow us to feel like things are back to how they were pre Covid-19. This might also be a good time to give your customers a nudge and remind them of the good times they’ve had or can have hanging out at your place. Add value to their experience by subscribing to Astro Business’ New Flexi Plan and enjoy a 15% discount special advertising rate for SMEs with Astro Media Sales & Solution.  

Learn more about Astro Business’ New Flexi Plan here.

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Can I change my business plan to 359 monthly ?

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