Subscribe To Own By Flux: Finance Your Car With The Lowest Upfront Fees
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Footing the downpayment when buying a car via a car loan can be a pain. A downpayment on a brand-new Honda Jazz makes you part with RM8,700 in one go, whereas for a BMW 530i M Sport, you would have to put down a whopping RM37,280 upfront. Even if you can afford these amounts, car loans and their downpayments can have a huge impact on your cashflow – this is especially true in these challenging times.

This is why Flux, Malaysia’s very own car subscription service, offers a flexible way to buy a car through its latest product, Subscribe to Own. With just one simple subscription plan, you can save up to 60% upfront over a car loan downpayment with Subscribe to Own. Whether it’s a Honda or a BMW – buying your dream car is now more affordable upfront with Flux, instead of a hefty downpayment.

An All-in-One Car Subscription Service

Flux is an all-in-one monthly car subscription service, offering all the benefits of having your dream car without the drawbacks. With an all-inclusive service, Flux covers road tax and insurance renewals, maintenance, and wear and tear. Now with Subscribe to Own, you can even purchase the car at the end of your subscription.

No car loans. No downpayment. No interest. No problems.

Here’s how Flux’s new Subscribe to Own plan works:

flux infographic

Subscribe to Own by Flux allows you to drive your perfect car with the lowest upfront costs compared to a car loan. Best of all, you have the option to own the car outright. With all these and the value-added perks of a Flux subscription, Subscribe to Own is the best alternative to a purchasing your car with a car loan.

For more information on how to finance your new car via Flux’s Subscribe to Own plan, visit

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Simon look
1 year ago

Needed to know more,, I m in sales,some clients in ”tis situation,,

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