Cars: Why Not Subscribe For Your Drive Instead?
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Owning a car is a big decision that could take weeks to months to carefully think about. Whether it’s your first car or switching to an SUV to fit in a baby seat, or just wanting to get a better car – buying a car can be quite a hassle.

Traditionally, buying a car requires you to prepare a pile of documents, settle a hefty down payment, and take up a loan – which could typically take a few weeks depending on the bank loan’s approval. However, there is another way to get you in the driver’s seat of your dream car in this day and age.

Consider Subscribing To Drive For Your Next Ride

Today, most Malaysians are already into subscription services; from news to entertainment – all it takes is a few clicks and a flexible monthly payment to enjoy. So why not subscribe to a car?

With a variety of new or pre-owned cars to choose from, Flux is a car subscription service in Malaysia that enables you to “own” a car without the overwhelming process, such as loan applications, steep down payments, insurance, road tax, and maintenance.

Sounds great? Now, let’s get to the details of a car subscription with Flux.

No Down Payment, No Cancellation Fees & More

By subscribing to Flux, there’s no need to put down your savings for a downpayment or leave large gaps in your monthly cash flow. All that’s needed is a one-time Start Fee or a refundable security deposit (depending on the subscription plan) to start driving with Flux.

No matter which plan or car you get, the all-in-one monthly payment includes comprehensive car insurance, road tax, wear & tear and maintenance services, 24/7 roadside & emergency assistance with unlimited towing, theft recovery services, and concierge services.

This also includes a 3 Day Risk-Free Return policy, where if you don’t like your car you can simply return, no penalty fees. And, if you do not wish to continue with your Flux subscription after a period of time, don’t worry — there are no cancellation fees. Your payment will be adjusted to the subscription plan based upon how long you used the car, for example: If you subscribed for 36-month plan and cancelled after 2 months, your fees will then be adjusted to a month-to-month basis plan.

Also included is the ability to add up to 3 additional drivers, flexible contract durations, customisable mileage packages, and a replacement vehicle, should your car break down or need repairing.

Swap Or Return As Your Needs Change

One of the key features of a Flux subscription is that they want you to be happy with your ride. So, if you happen to fall out of love with your car, there’s an option to swap or return the car to Flux.

Depending on your price range, Flux will offer you similar cars to fall in love with. Once you’ve selected and paid the initial fee for your new sets of wheels, Flux will automatically adjust your subscription accordingly.

And in the future, if you do fall madly in love with the car and don’t want to let it go, your monthly subscription fees can go towards eventually purchasing the car at the end of your subscription through Flux’s Subscribe To Own programme with the agreed Guaranteed Future Value (GFV).

3 Mileage Plans For Every Type Of Driver

After selecting a subscription plan, members can choose their mileage package. Near, far, wherever you are, your mileage package can be upgraded or downgraded with just a phone call to Flux to make the necessary adjustments before your next billing date.

First off, the Unlimited Mileage Package is for those who want the freedom to drive far and wide. For drivers who frequently take long outstation trips or adventurous road trips, the Standard Mileage Package might be more suitable at a capped 2,000 KM a month. The Lite Mileage Package offers 1,250 KM a month for convenient commutes within the city for city dwellers.

Get Your Car Delivered To You In A Week

Traditionally, buying a car would take quite a bit of time from applying and getting your loan approved, settling the paperwork, and getting the dealership to install any additional features.

With Flux’s concierge service, you are guaranteed to get the keys and start driving the car in 7 days. They’ll walk you through the key features of your new ride and gladly answer any questions you may have. Not only that, but they will also help you to schedule service and maintenance appointments at your convenience, renew your road tax and insurance plans, and even remind you to keep your tyres inflated.

If you, unfortunately, experience any car hiccups, Flux’s concierge service will pick up the car and send it over to be repaired at the workshop as well.

Don’t Worry, Your Credit Score Is Safe

Let’s face it, credit scores are sensitive. Bill payments, mortgages, credit cards, and of course loans can either make or break your credit score, especially if you’re planning to get an affordable interest rate on a home loan in the future.

Without the need for a loan and the risk of scratching your credit score,  you can subscribe to Flux and keep your credit score safe so you can focus on more important big purchases. All that’s needed is just a quick credit check and you can pick your ride from a multitude of cars that Flux has to offer. 


So, if you’re looking for an alternative to the conventional way of owning a car, a convenient and flexible car subscription with Flux could be for you.

Get your first month completely free when you choose to sign up for a monthly, 12, 24, and 36-month subscription plan and, all of which except the monthly plan, are automatically eligible for Flux’s Subscribe To Own programme. For more information, head to Flux’s website here.

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