Enjoy Affordable Protection In The Palm Of Your Hand With PRO-Health Medical
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The advancement of technology and digital services has come a long way and today it’s easy to get most of our daily necessities just through the taps on a smartphone. If we can simply order our groceries, apparel, or even medication online – why should a service as important and necessary as one’s health insurance be any different?

Introducing PRO-Health Medical, a 100% online health insurance plan that’s available exclusively on the Tune Protect app and website. Whether you’re looking to purchase health insurance for the first time or just want to supplement your current coverage with a few extra benefits, let’s dive into why PRO-Health Medical’s affordable and convenient plans are worth a closer look.

Furthermore, signing up for PRO-Health Medical not only protects you but also the community. Until December 2021, Tune Protect has pledged to donate RM6 for every PRO-Health Medical Policy purchased directly from the app or website to Madhya’s gift, a health fund by Yayasan Chow Kit. Madhya’s Gift by Yayasan Chow Kit is a children’s health fund that supports easy access to medical health services for children in need.

From easy sign up to an even easier claims process, PRO-Health Medical will keep you protected like a “PRO” against unforeseen medical circumstances with up to RM150,000 coverage and a convenient in-app e-medical card that will never get lost.

Find out more about PRO-Health Medical here.

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Wong Chee Seng
5 months ago

Is this owned by AirAsia?

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